Moist Fluffy White Cake Recipe

Well if you have been looking for a moist and fluffy white cake recipe, look no more! It is here! And it is delic! I love this cake paired with Lemon Curd filling or Chocolate Mousse depending on my mood that day!
But it just goes to show you it works with just about EVERYTHING! This cake is light but dense at the same time; it has great structure to hold up to almost any décor, great for stacking in a wedding cake or for cupcakes! Quite possibly one of my most versatile recipes!

Best Moist White Cake Recipe
Yield 2-  8″ layers, or 1- 12X18″sheet OR 36 Standard Cupcakes
Click here for more info on Pan Sizes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

All Purpose Flour 390g (3cups)
Baking Powder 15g (1Tablespoon)
Salt 2g (1/2teaspoon)
Unsalted Butter 226g (2 sticks)(1cup)
Granulated Sugar 450g (2 1/4cups)
Vanilla Extract *use clear if available 1Tablespoon
Egg Whites 210g (7Large)
Whole Milk 8fl oz (1 cup)

Mix Method:
In the bowl of the Kitchen Aid mixer, with the paddle attachment, cream the butter with the sugar until light a fluffy, approximately 5 minutes on high speed.
In a medium bowl combine the egg whites, milk and vanilla extract together and reserve.
Meanwhile in another bowl, sift together the Baking Powder, Salt with the All Purpose Flour.
Once the butter and sugar has been creamed sufficiently, you will add in about 1/3 of the flour mixture (with the mixer on very low to avoid a flour shower all over your kitchen!)
Once the dry has been incorporated on medium speed, you will now begin to add in half of the liquid ingredients slowly while continuing to mix on low speed. Stop the mixer to scrape down the sides of your bowl to ensure you are always incorporating the ingredients evenly.
Once the liquid has been absorbed, you will now go back to your dry ingredients with another addition, repeat with the remaining liquid in the same fashion, and then the last addition of dry ingredients until you have mixed in all the ingredients to a smooth, silky white cake batter.

Pour immediately into prepared pans. Please note that this recipe rises to about double! SO be sure not to fill your cupcake liners any more than HALF way!!
Bake at 350 degrees F for approximately 25-35 minutes depending on the pan sizes you are using.
Please refer to the blog titled UNTIL IT’s DONE for more clarty on baking times.

This cake can be stored in the freezer for up to a month wrapped well in plastic wrap.
Thaw cake without the plastic wrap before using to build your cake.


  1. Laura says

    Hi Gretchen, is it okay to substitute the whole milk with evaporated milk? Would it affect the outcome of the cake? Thanks in advance!

  2. jennifer kelly says

    Hi gretchen, ive had a request for an egg free cake with egg free buttercream, I never had this request before & I dont have any recipe to use. The cake is for someone that has never had a birthday cake because of her allergies to eggs & I told her friend who wants to surprise her for her 21st birthday that I would do my best to source a recipe & do for her. Can you help please? Many thanks gretchen, sincerely jen kelly

  3. Angelina says

    Hi there, I just made the batter but need to run out for an errand. Do you think the batter will still be good bake once I return in about 2 hrs? Will I run into any issues?

  4. christine says

    I want to try your recipe as suggested when I have all the ingredients ..but I don’t have the eggs and butter needed may I use coconut oil instead and to use whole eggs instead of all whites eggs how many would I use?

  5. Darci says


    Thank you so much for your blog!! I love it!!!

    Quick question…
    Can I substitute sour cream for the milk, and if so, how will it change the texture of the cake?

    • Gretchen Price says

      You can, although I would thin it just a bit by adding a tablespoon or two of water, since you dont want the better to be too thick- Buttermilk would be nice too

  6. Lindsay says

    Hello. I am going to be making a two tiered wedding anniversary cake this coming week, and want to use this white cake for one of the tiers. I will need to double the recipe. My question is can I just double all the ingredients and mix as directed, or should I make the recipe twice?

  7. Fozia says

    Hello Gretchen. Please let me know if I can replace milk with buttermilk and if so do I have to reduce the baking powder and add baking soda?

  8. Fozia says

    Hi Gretchen. I was wondering if I can use buttermilk instead of milk and if so do I have to reduce the baking powder and add baking soda? And how much ? Thanks

  9. Rabia khan says

    Gretchen yesterday I made a cake using selfraising flour instead of cake flour. I added butter milk in the batter. When I tasted the cake it had a very bitter taste. Pls can u tel me what might have gone wrong. Wen I tried da recipe using cake flour was brilliant. Also using vegetable shortening can I have a white cake. I tried ur white cake recipe was delicious but da cake wasn’t white. Also will the vegetable shortening give a good taste in the cake because I have never used it before.

    • Gretchen Price says

      Well first of all you said you “made A cake”
      Di you make MY cake recipe?
      If so, then I don’t use self rising flour in any of my recipes.
      You sort of answered your own question when you said that you then used Cake Flour on the second attempt.
      Self rising flour has baking powder and salt in it, so when you are using that flour in a recipe that doesn’t NOT ask for it, you are now doubling your salt and baking powder which will cause an “off” taste to say the least.

      You may use shortening here instead of butter if you wish

  10. Birdie says

    I was wondering what coloring to use for dyeing the white cake… gel or liquid. I have ton’s of wilton icing colors, what brand do I use for baking?

  11. Angel says

    You said that the recipe rises to about double, so if I use an 8″ round pan it should only be half full? or is it ok if it’s 3/4 full? How about if i make it half butter and half shortening, will it still taste good?

    • Gretchen Price says

      you would split this cake batter between 2- 8″ cake pans
      you can fill it slightly higher sure……
      yes to shortening

      • Angel says

        I made this cake using half butter half shortening ratio and my wife loved it :) , though it wasn’t as white as cake in the video (maybe because of the butter I’m using here?), i used a clear vanilla extract. Hmmm… maybe I should try using shortening only without the butter. But still, overall the end result was excellent. You won’t taste the sweetness on the first bite, in when you start chewing only then you will taste the sweetness that’s is just enough. I’m making another of this and I’m going to use you swiss meringue buttercream as a filling and also to cover the whole cake. I hope it will look and taste good.

          • Angel says

            Really? Then there must be wrong here on my side. I’m going to make cupcakes using this recipe and I’m making sure that I follow everything on the recipe. I will see if this time it will be white. Thanks for your reply.

  12. Karin says

    Hi Gretchen, your recipe is great BUT i have a huge issue which i hope you as experienced baker can help me solve. so i am in the UK and have been trying to make a really white cake for months now. after trying every sort of flour here i figured the reason why my cake is still rather yellow is bcs we dont have any bleached flour here,! so i mamaged to get my hands on swan down cake flour and was suuuuper excited. not long so until the cake came out of the oven …. it had the same colour than the uk flour ones ( just the consistency was different of course bcs of the fine flour) so what is the issue? i have used the whitest butter ( i tried even mixing or replacing with shortening or coconutbutter) , i use wilton clear vanilla extract. i even tried to cokour the batter white but that was terrible. any clue? is Swans down the wrong brand? i found also gold medal plain bleached flour but am sort of not sure anymore. i can send you a picture to judge but all the us white cakes look way whiter!

    thanks for your thoughts

    • Gretchen Price says

      Wow sounds as if you are on a mission for this! Everything you have done is everything I would have suggested to you, so you already tried :( Im sorry this is still not working for you, I am very surprised given that you found the Swans Down :(

  13. Aya says

    I’d like to know, is this cake really sweet? I want to make this, but the person I’m making it for doesn’t like over sweet stuff. Any comments?

  14. Leigh says

    Gretchen, I’ve been trying and trying to get a dense yet moist white cake recipe that has a smooth texture without larger air bubbles. Is this the recipe to use or would I need to alter it in some way to get the density I’m looking for?

  15. carol says

    Hi Gretchen,
    This is a awesome site for a beginner like me, your cake is sooo!!! delicious!!!!!!!, I would like to use this recipe for your petit fours, I have the same size pan that you use in your video for making petit fours, will make this white cake recipe yield the amount need for your two layer petit fours or will I have to make the recipe times two?


    • Gretchen Price says

      Great! That’s why I do it! To help the beginners on their way to pastry stardom!
      You will need 2X recipe to be safe

  16. dawn says

    I just tested out this fabulous white cake! I will be making a princess cake later in the week but decided to do a test of this recipe. I added almond extract instead of vanilla and OMG quite frankly the best white cake I have ever had! Loved the video very helpful!

  17. jessiac says

    I’ve tried this recipe many times making sure my dry ingredients are fresh and weighed and sifted and watching carefully to not over beat it and oven temp is correct and i’m keeping an eye on it while i bake. the flavor is always amazing and i love your recipes but including this recipe i cant find a basic white cake recipe that doesn’t come out dense. i’m humble enough to know i’m not a professional and am still learning and i also apologize if you have already answered this question but why is my cake coming out dense. unfortunately only cakes i make with vegetable oil come out moist. i would really love to start mastering cake but i’m getting to the point were i feel all bakers know something i don’t ha ha
    thanks for anything you could help with

    • Gretchen Price says

      fat makes things moist and by leaving out the addition of egg yolk (which will turn this cake Yellow) there is a tradeoff.
      Be sure to cream the butter and sugar sufficiently in the beginning, use cake flour (as some have reported better results) but other than that…this cake will be slightly more dense than typical sponge

  18. jamal says

    hi , i just have a question if i want to make oreo cupcakes can i mix this receipt with oreo chunks and bake it in cupcake tin or will it dilate the batter.
    thanks a lot

  19. Judy says

    Hi Gretchen
    I am making a “Frozen” cake for my granddaughter’s birthday party. I need a white cake because the layers will alternate with sky blue and royal purple. I’m going to make 4- 9 inch layers so I’ll be making your recipe twice. I’ve always used a boxed cake mix for all my party cakes and cupcakes. Over the past year I’ve noticed that the cake mixes have gone from 18 oz down to 16.5 oz. That means that the amount of cake batter in each layer gets less and less. My layers turn out a little over 1 inch tall. Well, I have had enough. I decided to make the cake from scratch and found your website. I watched your video and saw how beautiful your cakes turned out.
    I want to try out this recipe first to make sure I’m doing everything correctly. I have a couple of questions.
    Question 1 – Can I spray the pans with “Baker’s Joy” (a spray containing both oil and flour)? Or, what about lining the bottom of the pan with parchment paper?
    Question 2 – I noticed that your finished cake was level with the top of the pan, no domed belly on the cake. Please tell me your secret. How can I get my cakes level? My cakes always have a domed belly on them and I have to trim off a lot of the cake. There is a product called Bake Even Strips. You dampen the strips and them wrap around the pan before baking. It’s suppose to keep the cake level. That didn’t work for me either.
    Thanks, Judy

    • Gretchen Price says

      Oh wow, I didn’t know that- Hmm, like everything it gets smaller and smaller and we pay more and more.
      If you use spray- I would definitely line with parchment just to be sure
      You will also get no done here, there is no secret! LOL, certain recipes so and some don’t.

    • Mishel says

      Hey, Judy, sorry to butt in. I’ve found the pan grease recipe on this site to be really awesome. I’ve actually made a version with unsweetened cocoa powder replacing the flour, for chocolate cakes. No white on the sides of the cake! With regard to doming, I’ve found that lowering the oven temp (say, 325 instead of 350), makes the dome less pronounced. Of course, that also changes baking times.

      Isn’t this the best site?

  20. Ellice Miles says

    Hi Gretchen,

    First of all thank you so much for this recipe. I made a rainbow cake using it and teamed it with your Swiss meringue buttercream. It was for a book presentation by an author friend of mine. The cake was a huge hit and that was down to your very thorough insturcutions.

    Now, a question please. I am making two two-tier birthday cakes this week and I was hoping to make them at the start of the week ready to decorate by Saturday and Sunday. How long will this cake keep with Swiss meringue buttercream as a filling and crumb coating? The cake will also be covered in fondant.

    Thank you.

    • Gretchen Price says

      You can do it all ahead sure. The buttercream is great for fill and ice as it last for WEEKS (honestly! I have had a cake for that long and it was still good! Imagine that!) The buttercream acts as a very tight seal keeping the cake inside very fresh

  21. Sundas says

    Hi Gretchen
    Wanted to ask 2 things
    First: how would we know where to use sponge cake and where to use white cakes?
    is the yolks making only difference between sponge and white cake?
    Second: can we replace butter with oil? in any cake?

  22. Bri says

    I’ve tried countless recipes for white cake!!! Never have I found THE one!! I will try this one out and pray that this is THE one ;)

    One question: does the butter, milk and egg whites need to be at room temperature ?

    Many recipes I’ve tried ask the specifically be at room temp!!
    Thank you for your help!

    • Gretchen Price says

      yes all baking is best done with room temperature ingredients (unless otherwise specified of course) you can always assume room temp

  23. Adrianna says

    Hello! I want to try this recipe for a tiered 6 & 8in. cake, I don’t have a million pans & noticed the mixing instructions said to pour the batter “immediately” into pans. Can the batter sit until a pan is ready or will that ruin it?

  24. Sam says

    I was wondering can you substitute cake flour for your recipe, and if so how much,
    Second, using 9″ pans, how long to bake.

    • Gretchen Price says

      yes you can
      1 cup cake flour=120g

      (**Note the reason I use AP here is that this is a very liquid mix. The fat + sugar ratio is stretched to the max once we add the liquids so I find that the AP will absorb a little more of that moisture prohibiting “Breaking” when the fats are maxed out to their saturation point.) Be ware of this with the cake flour that will not absorb as much of the liquid

    • Gretchen Price says

      yes you can
      1 cup cake flour=120g

      (**Note the reason I use AP here is that this is a very liquid mix. The fat + sugar ratio is stretched to the max once we add the liquids so I find that the AP will absorb a little more of that moisture prohibiting “Breaking” when the fats are maxed out to their saturation point.) Be ware of this with the cake flour that will not absorb as much of the liquid

  25. Melissa says

    So I was if I could add egg yolks to this? If so how many yolks should I add, it calls for 7 egg whites. And also could I add veg. oil to this?

  26. Carly says

    Hi! So I’ve yet to make this recipe but I really wanna try it. Reading the reviews helped too. I’m sure you’ve probably answered my question somewhere above, but can I substitute the whole milk for almond milk? I’m trying to fine dairy free recipes/recipes that I can modify without the final product changing to much. Thanks!

  27. sarah says

    can i add yolks to make it a yellow cake to this recipe? also i have fresh vanilla bean flavoring with the specks, will it make the white still white, if you have used the real beans? thanks!!!

  28. Charlotte says

    Hi I’m Charlotte!

    I’ve just seen your cake recipe and it looks great and I’d like to use it! However I want to colour it different colours so I can make it into a rainbow layered cake. Using my normal cake mixture and colouring that doesn’t go the colour I want it to go! So I though white cake mixture would work better, so your colouring white which will colour into the right colour. Do you think using this recipe will work for my rainbow layer cake?

  29. says

    This is my all time best vanilla recipe…I am receiving many requests for gluten free and would like to k ow I. I can substitute AP flour for the gluten free. It do you have a recommendation for a good GF vanilla?

  30. Grassa says

    Hi Gretchen

    I would like to try this recipe for my daughters birthday it´s this wednesday i´ll be making a castle (with the wilton romantic castle kit) , i´ll be needing 2 different flavors but i was wondering if it will work if i add colored sprinkles to the batter to make it look like a confetti cake ( the funfetti one by pilsbury). And maybe a chocoltae cake which one do think is best tro pair up with this one.

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