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Edison Bulb Light Fixtures Decor Home

Edison bulb light fixtures, also known as filament bulbs are those old fashioned bulbs that can look directly undisturbed eyes. Its creation dates back to 1880, when Thomas Edison determines that key to creating a commercially viable light bulb is finding right material for filament.  In 1880, one bulb of 16 Watts that lasted more than 1200 hours; finally a superior gas lamp and marketable technology to general public.

Old style Edison bulb light fixtures is a trend that shows no signs of stopping. These bulbs vintage look great in exposed lights add a warm and rustic or vintage feel to any room. Today, there is a trend toward using high efficiency bulbs to save on energy costs. But while these technological innovations are way forward, there has been a remarkable reaction in terms of lighting design, using bulbs from dawn of electric age.

Show functionality of materials Edison bulb light fixtures in a design object is a modern idea that comes from architecture of mid-twentieth century. At present there is a trend towards use of bulb itself as a sculptural design element. These bulbs have become very popular especially in design of restaurants, perhaps illustrating a parallel between vintage, rustic and simple sense of bulbs.

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