Style Of Vintage Ceiling Fans

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Vintage Ceiling Fans Design

Vintage ceiling fans in our surroundings is a simple way to renew the decor without incurring excessive costs. Proper fans can highlight or obscure corners and spaces that make our house. And furniture can be repositioned; the lights can also be run, remove or add quite easily and offer a variety of options for different tastes.

Vintage ceiling fans that are virtually flush with the ceiling. Often they provide a type of general and scattered light and can be of different shapes: round as much elongated, with translucent surfaces that filter the light or very transparent. They are a good choice to illuminate low ceilings, because they are the type of fans flatter there. They have a good light output, which can be multiplied strategically installing more than one ceiling

It should be remembered that as a safety standard, different colors are used in the wiring of the electrical installation. For positive drivers warm colors like brown are used. For the negative or neutral cool colors like blue (the most used) are used. Finally, for the protection cable a bicolor cable that is always green and yellow is used. It is very important that the soul of both cables not touch each other along the entire electrical connection because a short circuit would occur when plugging the vintage ceiling fans.

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