Rustic Light Fixtures

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Rustic Light Fixtures For Bathroom

Rustic Light Fixtures– made with branches is a lamp with a natural look. Perfect to add a rustic touch to our room! If you like its material nature to create crafts that can be an excellent choice. Keep the branches around the threaded metal rod together (for that uses rubber bands). Wrap and paste the string around the branches. Let dry. Use a knife to cut the branches to the appropriate height.

Then remove the rubber bands. Paste the branches to the base of wood using a good adhesive. Board branches rustic light fixtures and place them around the metal rod. Hold everything together with rubber bands. On the bandages cord gives few laps to cover them and passes glue on them, let dry.

Use the knife to match the ends of the branches rustic light fixtures, let them all the same height. Paste the branches to the wooden base. Cut small branches and glue to the wooden base. Can provide us with the materials of the simplest and beautiful crafts that we do at home. As the shells, which can be found in all the beaches, and will serve to make this natural and rustic screen to an old lamp?

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