Replacing Rv Light Fixtures

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Rv light fixtures¬†– Say you get your RV on winter storage and revision for a summer trip. That means clean the inside, get a tuneup, and check the fuses inside for fires that may have burned¬†and must be replaced. Replacing interior bulbs is easier than replacing exterior light bulbs, because you will not need a ladder to reach the bulb. All you need is a screwdriver and some spare bulbs and some clean spray decorate the dusty light cover while you’re there. Here is how to get that bright interior with light again.

Replacing interior rv light fixtures. Identify interior lights with bulbs burned. Look carefully at the sides of the luminaries. There are generally small screws in the corners of the devices that keep the light on the facade.

Replacing rv light fixtures, use your screwdriver to loosen the screws on each side of the facade. Some devices have front panels that are connected by plastic tabs, and you’ll need to squeeze the tabs on the device for the cover plate. Remove the plate and the screws and set them aside. Unscrew the bulb and insert a new bulb. Water the plastic light cover with windows and wipe. Replace the lid on the fixture and snap or screw into place.

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