Repairing Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

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Classic Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Image

The builders used materials made of asbestos in the early 1900s by the sound and its ability to protect against fire. But research done on this substance revealed that their damaged fibers and dismissed the wind could cause health problems such as asbestosis or mesothelioma. Some of the roofs built in those years were made with acoustic ceiling tiles. If your roof has these tiles and are deteriorating, take appropriate measures to repair so that the fibers can be distributed over measures.


Inspects acoustic ceiling tiles shingles. Do not fix it if they are not damaged. They are not in imminent danger. Make a list of the areas of the roof that must be repaired. Make a diagram of the roof, using a paper and pencil, and label the places that need repair. Scatters the sealer on damaged acoustic ceiling tiles shingles, using a brush and covering the area. The sealant joins the tiles and prevents the fibers from escaping if deterioration advances.

Scatters tiles sealer to prevent fibers from escaping. Climb down the ladder when finished. Take off your clothes and wash immediately. Take a shower to remove any particles of acoustic ceiling tiles that has been in contact with you.

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