Removing Light Bulbs From A Cage Pendant Light

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Cage Pendant Light Style

A carport light hanging, by definition, is installed on a beam and hangs from the ceiling of the cage. To replace the lamp, it is possible to use a ladder; however, the stairs are inherently dangerous. You can slip on a step and fall or tip over if the ladder is stable or goes a step too high. There is a much easier and safer to change a cage pendant light that virtually anyone can do so. Connect the bulb changer for extension handle. Changer screw on top of the extension handle, like a broom head screws on a broomstick. There are several different heads available.

Use the type of head that fits your needs. Extend the handle up to what it takes to capture the bulb cage pendant light. Place the head changer light bulb on the bulb. Octopus arms and spring cage pendant light work well for incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). Suction heads work well for spotlights and flood lights. If the bulb is broken, use a remover head base. Turn the extension pole to the left to remove the bulb. Once removed, lower the bulb so you can grab, pull changer and replace it with a new bulb.

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