Rectangular Lamp Shades Ideas

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Amazing Rectangular Lamp Shades

The appearance of any lamp can be improved by adding a new screen, and some lamps can be easily upgraded by adding a design of last fashion as an acrylic screen. Because the acrylic comes in a variety of colors and textures, your screen can truly reflect your artistic vision. There are a variety of structures for screens available to make a square or rectangular lamp shades. For this project, we will make a rectangular acrylic screen, but these instructions also work for a square screen. Acrylic screens may be fragile, but if they are made ​​with acrylic cement, should last for a long time.

Measure each side of the washer to screen these measures shall specify the sizes of the four acrylic panels. Screen washer to a piece of metal that is an integral part of the screen and has a “ring” in the center to fit the bulb. For screen washer can be round, square or rectangular lamp shades. The height of each panel will be determined by the height of the lamp. Record these measures.

Acrylic plate placed on a flat surface. Measure and mark lines on the plate four panels of acrylic with a marker. Slowly and steadily marks rectangular lamp shades with a sharp lines drawn along a metal ruler

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