Pull String Light Fixture

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Pull Chain Light Fixture Fix

cords or chains hanging from the lamp at a low enough level that can reach and grab. These chains of traction control the lighting part of the fan. Replacement pull chain or string is one of the most common repairs ceiling fan and can be done by the middle it person- Pull String Light Fixture



The light pull string light fixture switch in your ceiling fan chain on and off the function lamp lighting. If your fan has two or three stages of the switch lighting chain will also let you change the level of illumination. A pull turn the light on the dimmer level. Two strip will light to medium level, and three tugs to change the brightest light level. Pulling a fourth time, the switch returns light to the off position.


If you have pull string light fixture a broken chain switch, it can be changed without much effort. You will need to locate the switch box outside the fan and remove any cover plate. With the exposure switch, try to reconnect the chain or string as it was. If the anchor or the switch is irretrievably broken, you have to remove the switch itself and visit the home or output ceiling fan.


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