Professional Bakery Pan Grease

Professional Bakery Pan Grease is what we use at the bakery to ensure that we get a perfect release every time.

I have been pleasantly surprised to hear how much you all love this recipe!  No more cakes sticking to pans!  YAY!

Make sure your ingredients are at room temperature.
Mix all together in your Kitchen Aid Mixer (or hand held mixer will work too)
until it is all smooth and incorporated.

As you see this is basically just equal parts by volume, there is no real need for exact science on this one, just close enough will do.

1cup margarine
1cup shortening
1cup flour

Store at room temperature for up to 1 week.
Refrigerate for 2 months
Freeze for 1 year


  1. Justina says

    Hello Gretchen, i don’t have shortening so i used only soften butter to spread with a pastry brush, followed by flour. One part of the cake came out really nice and even but the other part tore like a thin piece of paper. Any idea why it happened? I tried to remove immediately after baking but the pan was too hot to handle so I waited for few minutes before unmolding. Appreciate your kind advise. Thank you.

  2. tunrayo akinseye says

    Hello, I don’t this discussion has been on for a while, but I’m a new visitor to your awesome site. For the goop recipe can I use equal parts of veg oil, margarine and flour as shortening is non existent in my country. Seriously.

  3. Joey says

    Hey Gretchen, I have a tip for you. Instead of using margarine, you can replace it with vegetable oil. Not only will the pan grease be less perishable but it stays spreadable even on refrigeration. I’m not so sure about America but in my country vegetable oil is generally cheaper than margarine

  4. Katie Doiron says

    I read on the recipe that I can keep this at room temp for 1 month. Mine started to have little spots of mold after only 1.5 weeks!! What do you think is up with that? I’ve kept it in a glass container topped with plastic wrap.

    • Gretchen Price says

      OH NO! Maybe I should change the shelf life info then!

      (Different conditions will determine the shelf life, so perhaps 1 month was a bit much on my part)
      If there is just 1 little spot of moisture, or bacteria – even from our fingertips- that goes into the mixuture it could promote spore growth)

      Im going to change it to 1 week – actually though if you are not using it everyday like I do, it is best to keep in the fridge, thanks for the heads up!

  5. Laura Shoup says

    Wow! I have never had a cake release from a pan the way this one did. Your pan release is awesome. Thank you soo much for sharing this.

  6. Deirdre says

    Hi Gretchen,
    I just made and tried the professional pan grease recipe you listed on your blog. This is the BEST cake release ever! It is easy to make and the cakes do not stick.
    Thank you!!
    Woodie Insider

  7. Linda says

    Gretchen Thank you so much for ALL your wonderful recipes!!! The question I have is –
    do I use the pan grease on silicone bakeware as well!?

  8. Simone Lewis says

    What kind of container do you store the pan grease in? I looked to see if you had been asked this before, but didn’t see it. I have a one pot banana bread cooling, and it smells yummy…can’t wait to cut slice into it. Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. says

    Fantastic! I usually use Bakers Joy but ran out and had 6 cakes to bake. So I switched to your Pan Grease and it worked wonderfully. I didn’t have to stop to go to the store. Thanks

  10. Pat says

    Hi Gretchen:
    I was surprised when i watched you make the mocha buttercream. usually when i add cocoa or instant coffee, i whisk it in with the dry ingredients before adding to the liquid. Do you think either way would have the same result as far as flavor is concerned ?
    Thanks and LOVE your videos!

    • Gretchen Price says

      I cannot really comment on the way you do it, since I do not do it that way. But since YOU do, you tell me! How is it?

  11. lavina says

    Gretchen! with this process ensure that the cake will form evenly from top to bottom? A lot of times my cakes will recede from sides of pan and so when I go to layer 2 8 inch cakes, they don’t line up evenly.

  12. kin says

    Hi Gretchen

    Thanks for your replied on June 22.

    I understand you use both parchment paper and pan grease.

    What I am trying to ask do u put pan grease on top of parchment paper only OR bottom of the tin and top of parchment paper?

    Sorry to trouble you again.

  13. kin says

    Hi Gretchen

    I’m a big fan of yours. I love watching your videos–you are always cheerful !! I have a question for you.

    As you say: “I always recommend using parchment paper to line the bottom of any cake pans in addition to the pan grease. This will ensure clean release each and every time”

    Is that meant just line parchment paper to the bottom of cake pan without pan grease then apply pan grease to the top of parchment paper?


  14. Gayle says

    Learned from my father “The Baker” , grease your cake pans generously with solid shorting, Coat with plain flour. Cook until cake starts to separate from side of pan. Cool for 5 min. and invert pan. If you try to remover cake too soon, it will stick, if you let it get too cool, sometimes it will stick also. The 5 min. rule has worked for me. I love Gretchen’s videos and tips. As my father would say, “she ain’t hard to look at either”.

  15. Zena Herbert says

    Good morning Gretchen,
    I just have to write to thank you for this pan grease recipe. I’ve had issues with sticking cakes/cookies even pastry all my life and tried almost everything. But the best try-out – your Pan Grease – is the only one that woks for me. Clean release every time. Just wonderful, thank you.
    Keep well and busy.

  16. Joanna says

    omg i commented on the wrong post! sorry! i was actually asking about the Italian Style Ricotta Cheesecake… i’ll go post my question on that post instead! sorry ><

  17. Fiona Pereira says

    Thanks for sharing your tips . The white chocolate filling looks delicious. Do you have a recipe for a light and fluffy vanilla cake.

  18. says

    HI Gretchen, I love all of your videos and recipes. By the way what margarine brand works better for the pan grease recipe and thank you for your time.

  19. Alma Sue says

    Hi, Gretchen… i am a big fan of yours. That’s why you are really an angel in my kitchen. Regarding measurements, can you help us with standards weights of ingredients if they are measured by cup, tsp, tablespoon etc. It’s true that depending on the accuracy of how much ingredients you add into the measuring cups, would determine the success of your cake.
    I am considering now buying a weighing scale to accurately measure the ingredients. Thank you very much.

  20. Jack says

    Hi Gretchen….
    Ok I made the pan grease…and appliedwith a brush in a pan….poured my prepared cake batter in them….and baked them….is that it…?

  21. Michelle says

    I just found your blog today and it has everything I’ve been searching for on the web for weeks. I had a question about your Topsy Turvy cake, I’m planning on making one soon but wanted to change up the flavor of the filling. Could I put things like raspberry jam or crushed Oreos in the buttercream or would it ruin the stiffness to hold up the layers?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hi Great to have you here! Yes to using anything you like for the cake flavors! Please join us on FACEBOOK too for a really great helpful group of people and also where we all share our pictures of what else…..CAKE!

  22. Casey Roman says

    Gretchen, I watched your YouTube link you included above…couple questions:
    1. How do you produce such thick layers? Lately, I’ve been taking a full recipe and dumping it all into a single 9-inch pan do get the thickness that you’ve achieved. However, the baking time increases dramatically, usually creating something of a “crust” on the edges. Or, the batter bakes over and spills. What’s your secret to the thick layers?

    2. You tossed that cake around with no problem! Mine would fall apart on me! What kind of cake achieves that density?


  23. Kathy Hillard says

    Hello Gretchen,
    I have located you again. Yippe I was looking for a good moist Red Velvet cake recipe and came across your website thanks to GOOGLE. Now that I have yours I will have to try it now I have one more question. For your professional bakery pan grease once the ingredients are mixed together is it safe to say that you just spread in pan, There is no need to flour the pans? Again thanks for the excellent instructions. Now I have to find your chocolate cake recipe.

  24. nichole says

    Thank you so much for your videos and blog, I usually turn the sound off on the videos I have found on youtube because they tend to be either monotone or extremely annoying voices, but not yours, you are very good at instructing. the only question I am having is which icing will give me the best clean and sharp no air bubbles etc look on cakes? I would like the smooth look of fondant without having to use it. thanks so much!

    • Gretchen Price says

      HI Thanks!
      I make my vanilla with 2 vanilla beans and 5ounces of vodka, let it sit for 6 months before using

  25. Judee says

    I just found you on Youtube and just love your cakes and receipes. I can’t wait to try them. Do you have any ideas for a sweet 16 cake. My daughter will be 16 in February and I would love to make her a cake. Also, do you have any ideas for a baby shower. I am making cupcakes for a shower and was looking for new ideas for the top

  26. Doreen says

    I would like to sign up for your hints but could not see where. I am just beginning to explore cake and cookie decorating. I appreciate your sharing and the videos are very helpful

  27. says

    I love watching your videos–you make cake making look like a snap!! I have a question for you. Your cakes all look flat on the top-not domed. How do I achieve that look. Do I have to trim the cakes are am I doing something wrong in the baking process? I want to make a weeding cake for my son’s wedding and I don’t want the “domed”look.

    Appreciate any feed back.

    Faye Lee

  28. Marsha says

    I love that you have this recipe. I do have concerns about “greasing” pans. I read somewhere that you’re supposed to grease then line with parchment paper then grease again. This seems like a lot. Is it really necessary? What about those products that can be sprayed on the pans? I find that even if I use shortening and flour, my cakes still stick…could that be because I live in the south and the humidity or something is messing with me?

  29. Erik Slotboom says


    First of all, whoooo what an awesome siteblog you have. Secondly i appollagise for any typ faults. I`m dutch and english isn`t verry natural to me :-).

    I saw the recipe for your bakery pan grease, but there is an ingredient i can`t place.
    Can you tell or explain to me what 1cup shortening is?
    If I translate it with google it tells me that it`s the verb for making things shorter.

    Best regards Erik

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hahaha, funny translation, but so true! Shortening in baking is actually a hydrogenated vegetable oil that has been changed into a solid at room temperature.
      And in some recipes like cakes, or breads, it is added to “SHORTEN” the strands of developing gluten so you have a more tender crumb!
      SO Google Translate was right ON with that one! But it still did not answer your question! I hope I helped!

      Click HERE for SUBSTITUTIONS to see if something rings familiar in your country!

      • Sunita Gonesh says

        Hi Gretchen and Erik,

        @Gretchen, i’m a big fan of yours (as of last week) and can’t wait to try your recipes. Great tips and advises. I’m from Curacao and some of the tips will be working out great in this tropical weather.

        @Erik. In Dutch it is called “Bakvet”. Crisco is een bekende merk voor bakvet

      • stephanie says

        I have a huge problem. I am doing a wedding cake and they want it all done in buttercream with gold dots. Help ! how ?

        • Gretchen Price says

          Im not sure where your huge problem lies, in the fact that you are doing a wedding cake? The buttercream part of it? Or the gold dots?

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