Fluffy Moist Vanilla Velvet Pound Cake

Vanilla Pound Cake
Preheat oven to 350 Degrees F
This recipe makes 1 9″X5″X3″ loaf pan- Standard Loaf pan size
Refer to Baking Pan Sizes for more help.
Prepare loaf pans with Pan Grease or by coating the pans generously with shortening and dusting them with flour.

Butter 85g (6 Tablespoons)
Cream Cheese 85g (1/3 cup) (3 ounces)
Granulated Sugar 150g (3/4c)
All Purpose Flour 100g (3/4c)
Baking Powder 3g (1 1/4tsp)
Salt pinch
Large Eggs at room temperature 3 (150g)
Vanilla extract 1 Tablespoon

Mix Method:
Be sure to have your butter and cream cheese and eggs at room temperature.
Sift together the flour and the salt and baking powder.
In the bowl of your Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle attachment, cream the butter and cream cheese together slowly to incorporate evenly.
Slowly add the sugar and continue mixing until it is all combined well.
Add the eggs one at atime, and be sure to mix well, before adding in another egg.
Add the vanilla last and then the flour all at once.
Pour batter into prepared loaf pan and bake immediately for approximately 35-45 minutes or UNTIL ITS DONE

  • Beckie Bone Dunning

    will this be enf batter for making the doll cakes in the wilton pan.. I need a dense cake and this will work fine, but needed to know if I should double it for that pan

    • http://www.woodlandbakeryblog.com/ Gretchen Price

      no this is a good amount

  • Grace Parcase Costa

    can I use this cake for a strawberry short cake

    • http://www.woodlandbakeryblog.com/ Gretchen Price



    Can I make a 8″ two layer cake with this recipe?



  • Quentin Voccia

    is there a video for this

  • Jilean

    how could i make this cake into a lemon cake ?

    • http://www.woodlandbakeryblog.com/ Gretchen Price

      add lemon zest and lemon extract

  • http://WoodlandBakeryBlog Carol

    Hi Gretchen,
    Wasn’t sure if message went through. I’ve been wanting to make a 7 layer cake using your wonderful buttercream frosting. What cake recipe should I use for this?

    • Gretchen Price

      At the bakery I used fudge as the filling and icing for the 7 layer, but you can use buttercream any flavor really
      Click Here

  • Shirley A.

    Hi, love your site!! Can you please make coconut ice cream?

    • Gretchen Price

      thanks and YUMM!

  • michelle

    Hi Gretchen, can I add mangoes to this recipe to make it a mango pound cake? If yes, how much mangoes do I add and do I need to adjust the recipe to accommodate the mangoes? Thanks.

    • Gretchen Price

      You can add them, sure. Chop them fine and add them like raisins or nuts….about 1/2 cup – 3/4 cup

      • michelle

        Sorry to add another question, how many cups of batter will 1 recipe yield? I’m making a 3d bear cake and the instructions say I need about 6 2/3 cups of batter. Thanks again.

  • Afsah

    Hi gretchen! So glad I came accross your website !ive learnt so much thru it! Your recipes are really great! One question .. In tried the flour less chocolate cake bt after it cooled the texture was somewhat like jelly ,not very wobbly or very firm but is that normal?

    • Gretchen Price

      should not be like “jelly”
      did you bake it enough? I know that’s a tricky question, and did you cool it overnight?

  • jeshera

    Ok thanks! ^_^

  • jeshera

    This looks yummy..but i have a question and i didnt know where to exactly ask it at. But do u have a Corn Bread recipe that you can share with us..? I have one, but it isnt all that great. I dont even remember where I got it from! Hahaha

    • Gretchen Price

      HI there, I haven’t shared one, but I will note that for future! Yummy for Thanksgiving table!

  • Alex

    can i substitute the cream cheese with yogurt or anything else?

    • Gretchen Price

      how about shortening?

  • Pauline

    Hi again

    Thinking of marble cupcakes.

  • Pauline

    Hi Gretchen,

    Can I use this recipe for the Marble Cake and if so how much cocoa powder would I use?

  • JP

    How many cupcakes will this yield?

    • Gretchen Price

      about 24 standard

      • JP

        Okay! I made them and they were very good but the wrappers and pan were oily. If this normal? How can I ensure that it doesn’t become so oily? its not fun to leave oily patch on table from a cupcake. :-)

        • Gretchen Price

          CLICK HERE to be sure you incorporated your creamed ingredients properly causing a perfect emulsion, one that is not done properly will cause this to happen

          • JP

            How can I make this a gluten free cake? I apologize if this was already asked.

          • Gretchen Price
  • Mark Bauer

    Made the pound cake,two questios.How do u make spite top and when I took it out of the oven it sunk?

    • Gretchen Price

      Hi there, Im not sure what “spite top” is, and Im sorry it sank, are you sure it was baked all the way?

      Did you measure correctly? Sometimes too much leavener can cause it to rise and then flop once out of the oven

  • Mary Boring

    Hi, Gretchen
    So very excited. Discovered your videos recently and am learning so much! Just a home baker, but love to try new things. Watched the swiss buttercream video several times and had it on in the kitchen while I attempted it. It came out perfect!! I made a cake and decorated it for banquet tomorrow. Thanks so much, Gretchen! Keep up the good work.

    • Gretchen Price

      Excellent! Welcome!

  • Freda johns

    Looking for this recipe and not sure if you make this… Can you? Chocolate chip cappuccino bread.. It’s very good but I don’t have the recipe… Can you help me make one?

    • Gretchen Price

      Use this recipe, add instant coffee granules (2 tablspoons) to 1 Tablespoon of water to dissolve, add to the eggs and then add 1 cup chocolate chips at the end

  • Tess

    Hi Gretchen
    I love watching your building on recipes. Do you have one were you use the pound cake?
    Thanks Tess

    • Gretchen Price

      YES! Thank for asking! CLICK HERE

  • MGoel

    Hi Gretchen

    Can you let me know if I want to make this cake eggless what can I add. I don’t have the egg replacer handy. And I must say you are doing an awesome job!!!! God bless you.


    • Gretchen Price

      Thank you, I have not tested this recipe with any egg substitute, so I would be guessing at this point, Im sorry I am no help

  • Maita

    Hi Gretchen! Can I use this recipe for round cake and cupcakes then frost it with your swiss meringue buttercream?! I had tried most of your recipes and its absolutely amazing…. your such an angel for generously sharing your recipes and techniques…thanx a lot

    • Gretchen Price

      HI YES you can!

  • http://Woodlandbakeryblog.com Khiyaban

    Hi gretchen

    I am a great admirer of u. Very very nice n easy recipes. I want to know the egg weight which u mentioned is with shells or without shells.last time ,i made golden vanilla sponge cake, n took eggs weight without shells.result was very good.but i am confused about the eggs weight,it is with shells or without shells.

    • Gretchen Price

      HI Thanks! The weight of the eggs is always WITHOUT shells

  • rissa

    Hi gretchen! I would like to ask if this recipe can be use as base for a 3-tier wedding cake covered with fondant icing? how do i make the flavor mocha? Thanks in advance.

    • Gretchen Price

      Add some cocoa powder and instant coffee paste

  • Marilou

    Hi Gretchen,
    Happy Easter! Hope you got some rest after your busy Easter Season at the bakery! I try to read these posts before I pose the question but I haven’t seen this question posted, so I apologize if this has been already asked. I saw you mentioned this is a very wet batter and additional moisture would not give a good result. Also I saw someone used lemon extract to make a lemon pound cake. On those notes, I don’t care for lemon extract so what would you recommend as far as putting real lemon juice without ruining the end result with the additional moisture. Thanks for all your recipes and videos, my co workers think I am a great baker, I always give you the credit. THANKS!

    • Gretchen Price

      Good for you for paying attention. I do not recommend to add anything more liquid to this recipe, it will make your cake heavy and rubbery.
      If you are against using Lemon Extract in place of the vanilla, then just use the zest of about 2 lemons.

  • Stacy

    Hi Gretchen, I’m new to your blog about a month or so. Each recipe I’ve tried has been fabulous. This pound cake recipe is so moist & good. The first time I made it I had cream cheese & used lemon flavoring for lemon pound cake; I forgot to pick up some cream cheese this time & was wondering if I could use yogurt instead? Would I run into the same creaming problem as you described if sour cream was used?
    Thanks for sharing recipes

    • Gretchen Price

      You need the solid structure of the cream cheese here to suspend the granulated sugar, otherwise you may end up with a rubbery, dense cake

  • Tammy Niemann

    Is this a recipe that petit fours can be made with?

    • Gretchen Price


  • ana

    hi Gretchen what is AP flour? and how many tablespoons in 3oz?

    • Gretchen Price

      All Purpose Flour
      1/3 cup for 3 oz

    • John

      2Tbsp=1 oz.
      So 3oz would be 6Tbsp.
      Of course,I could be wrong-2 Tbsp could actually be just the equivalent of one fluid ounce,not both fluid and dry. :)

      • Gretchen Price

        Volume measure is tricky so be careful. Depends on what you weigh as 1 Tablespoon of feathers do not WEIGH the same as 1 Tablespoon of rocks

  • http://www.woodlandbakeryblog.com Rabia

    I tried this cake to make a Barbie cake for my daughter’s 5th bday it came sooooo gooooood.
    And also making your “world’s best butter cream frosting” by using copha it turned same as yours.
    Many thanks
    Stay blessed

    Your student

  • ana

    can I used baking soda instead of baking powder. how much baking soda?

  • ana

    hi I don’t have vanilla extract can I substitute orange extract and how much should I put? thanks

    • Gretchen Price

      yes same amount

  • Leslie

    Hi Gretchen,
    How would I turn this into a chocolate pound cake. I want to use it for a Baked Alaska.

    • Gretchen Price

      take out 1/4 cup flour and replace with 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

      • Leslie

        Thanks ever so much for the information. I just watched the Reese’s Peanut Butter cake video and will make it for my son-in-law’s birthday next month. You are the greatest.

  • Alizeh

    Sorry didn’t see the reply

  • Alizeh

    Which is better for a key lime cupcakes your white moist cake or your moist pound cake

    • Gretchen Price

      white cake

  • Cathy

    I am looking for a good old fashion Black Walnut pound cake recipe for our bake sale. Can you please help us!

  • Lydine

    hi Gretchen!

    I didn’t have cream cheese so i sub it out with mascarpone cheese and it tastes AHHH_MAZING! i didn’t get a chance to view the comments to find an alternative like shortening, which i have.. lol… but the mascarpone did just fine!

    • Gretchen Price

      Thank you for this!!

  • Teresa

    Hi Gretchen, I am new to your recipes & very excited to have access to them. I hope you will be able to diagnose what I may have done wrong with your pound cake recipe. I am confident that I measured exact, and followed your mix method well. My pound cake came out tasting very “eggy”, also it kind of deflated instead of keeping it’s rise. Can you pls think of what I may have done wrong?? Also can I refridg. your choc. chip cookie dough recipe??

    Thanks so much

    • Gretchen Price

      Yes to fridge or freeze the cookie dough
      AS for the pound cake it is a very egg rich recipe, so perhaps you just do not like this recipe, in which case thats OK, you may want to find one you prefer.
      AS for the deflating, because this is so egg heavy, you have to be careful of WHIPPING in too much air which is why I stress mixing it just so delicately. You may have created a bit of a “souffle” where it blew up in the oven and then collapsed in on itself

  • mygeisha clarkson

    I have this cake in the oven and it is extremely brown with atleast 6-16 mins of needed bake time, next time can i bake it at 325f instead of 350f?

    • Gretchen Price

      yes of course, all ovens are different and some are not even calibrated properly, so you would be wise to see what works best for YOUR oven. Great observation!

  • Elaine R.

    Hi Gretchen, I did this cake over the weekend and absolutely loved it. First time that I tried a Pound Cake Recipe that came out so well!…Thanks!

  • Pat Cheatham

    Made 2 today (one for a friend for Mother’s Day) and one for a funeral. What a beautiful pound cake. You know in the South, when someone dies, you take a pound cake (or a casserole). Casseroles are no fun. Thanks again, Gretchen, for another great, easy recipe. You’re the bomb!

  • funny14life

    Hi Gretchen, would this recipe be enough for a bundt pan? Or should it be doubled?

    • Gretchen Price

      Double it!

  • neelie518

    I don’t have cream cheese. Can I use sour cream instead?

    • Gretchen Price

      No use shortening

      • Gisset


        How would the final product be with one would use sour cream? I noticed you replied to use shortening but how different would it be to use the sour cream?

        • Gretchen Price

          You cannot sufficiently CREAM sugar into sour cream. Creaming method is a scientific baking application, it will not happen if you are trying to use sour cream, the sugar will not “stab the sour cream” during the mixing as it does (and is necessary to do) like the solid butter/shortening.
          The sour cream will simply “melt” the sugar

        • Lydine

          i too didn’t have cream cheese on hand but i did have mascarpone cheese and it worked out GREAT for me and tastes really good! hope this helps!

  • Aimee

    At what temperature does it bake?

    • Gretchen Price

      350 degrees F

  • Jennifer

    Made this cake yesterday and the family absolutely loved it! Was so moist and fluffy! Amazing xx

  • Ana

    Hello Gretchen,

    Can i use all butter for this cake.? Try it already as it is here, but wanted to experiment. Thanks

    BTW love your new website. One question what happend to Stef.

    Greetings from Holland.

  • Alissa Darrow

    Hello Gretchen,
    A couple of weeks ago you had a recipe posted for a dense vanilla cake (the one you used in the leopard print cake) posted on youtube. I can’t find it now:( Can you tell me the recipe?

    I love your website, Thanks

    • Gretchen Price

      Its coming………….

  • Angie

    Hey Gretchen I just want to say I love all the cakes and pastries you make I’m a huge fan.and is there a really good frosting to go with the cake or do we just eat it alone

    • Deb

      Swiss Buttercream is the answer. IMHO the ONLY answer. You can add just about anything to it or flavor it with just about any flavor. You cannot go wrong! Good luck!

  • Abigail

    Hi,it’s my birthday tomorrow March 21st and I want to make myself a birthday cake but I have never baked before can you give me some sumple tips and recipes please, thank you

    • Gretchen Price

      Happy Birthday! I make ALL the recipes simple to follow! Pick any one you like

      • Abigail

        Thank you for the birthday shout out! :)) I want to make the checkered cake but not sure how to ice it i don’t like fondant icing bcuz I find it to be too sweet, what other ways i will be able to ice it?

        • Deb

          I know it’s too late for your birthday, but Swiss Buttercream is the way to go–the ONLY frosting IMHO! Video and written instructions on this blog. In fact, if you are just starting to bake, this is the best place for you to learn. Start with Measurements 101 and work your way out from there. Hope you had a great birthday!

  • http://thoughtsofakat.blogspot.com Kat

    Hey Gretchen! Phew so glad that you are back..I have been busy packing for my move in 2 weeks , not far , I can literally get to my new place in my slippers LOL..but I haven’t been so busy that I couldn’t get busy in the kitchen baking up a storm using your recipes of course. Just made a huge batch of Swiss Meringue Buttercream for some Vanilla cupcakes and Vanilla cake and your fudge brownies with butter cream and chocolate ganache topping ..OMG absolute heaven,!!!♥♥My boyfriend loves loves loves it ALL and me of course..he says that he cannot get enough! of my baking ….ahem…and me ;-)..
    Thanks Gretchen
    your loyal fan

  • Veronica Greconia

    Can I add pineapple or bananas and nuts to this cake?

    • Gretchen Price

      I would recommend only DRY fruits and additions (nuts yes) but not liquidy, soggy things, because this is an already very “wet” mix, and any more moisture will not give a good result.

  • Sylvia

    Hi Gretchen, I did your chocolate cake. It is the best chocolate cake I have ever made. My chocolate cake would always taste so dry we would have to wash it down with tea.
    Thank you for a great recipe my family loved it.

  • Cheryl Moore

    Would the cook time or temp be different if I baked it in a tube pan?


    hey gretchen!!!! Could I use this recipe for a strawberry shortcake?

    • Gretchen Price



        thank you for taking the time to answer all our question.