Popular Halogen Floor Lamp

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Aluminium Halogen Floor Lamp

Halogen is a type of lamps to download high intensity used since 1970s used primarily for outdoor environments, these lights have become popular for indoor use, especially in gyms school. While halogen floor lamp are generally considered safe under normal conditions can present many risks to people if they are damaged or compromised in some way.

Metal halides emit ultraviolet rays similarly to natural sunlight. When glass of a halogen floor lamp cracks, UV light escapes and can cause symptoms similar to sunburn. Visual UV exposure corneas can burn, as a flame welding. Eye problems related to exposure to ultraviolet light, if severe, can last for several years or be irreversible in some cases.

Two types of halogen floor lamp used today are of “R” and “T”. “R” type is greatest threat when used indoors. This type of lamp is not extinguished when bulb is broken or cracked. “T” is extinguished by itself, which means that lamp will no longer light when bulb is committed, which drastically reduces risk involved in using halogen lamp. FDA urges institutions to change halogen lamps type “T” to reduce risk of associated injuries such lamps; however, keep lamps type “R” is even safe for outdoor environments.

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