Popular Candle Wall Sconces

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Candle Wall Sconces Design

Candle wall sconces place a fixture halogen in a room taking advantage of the parallel wiring we have already made. From the same source of electrical energy we can use various consumer devices, in this case light fixtures. Before we begin, we will disconnect the power.

Introducing the new applied on the candle wall sconces, and leveled with a punch mark the attachment points. We drilled holes with drill on strike position and wide drill bit, and introduce some nylon pads.

Spent the wires through the hole located on the metal base of the lamp and look to the candle wall sconces with screws, which will press with a screwdriver. Now, we perform the electrical connections. By having a parallel installation, we connect the wires so that when the switch accionemos, electricity reaches all points of light connected to the system. After connecting the cables into their respective terminals, put both protective glass screen as decorative. We completed the work checking that the installation works properly.

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