Popular Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

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Asbestos Ceiling Tiles Color

Home builders began using asbestos ceiling tiles in the early 20th century, after the invention of Ludwig Hatschek manufacturing process in 1900. Because asbestos tiles were light and fire resistant, its use became popular. As technology improved manufacturing, companies began to produce tiles in different patterns and shapes, improved their aesthetic appeal. Asbestos has been under scrutiny in the past 30 years because of their potential environmental risk. It should be noted, however, that the asbestos tiles are only a danger when they break or crumble and give off dust particles.

While newer roof shingles are made without asbestos, many of the old ceiling tiles containing the same. Asbestos ceiling tiles is a great risk to the health of persons if the material is damaged and particles become airborne. Asbestos can cause asbestosis, mesothelioma and even lung cancer. Identifying the age of ceiling tiles is the first step to find out if they are made of asbestos. If so, then you can take the appropriate steps necessary to remove the tiles.

Employ the help of an expert to inspect their asbestos ceiling tiles to avoid exposure to dust particles. Do not handle suspected asbestos ceiling tiles. Asbestos tiles may crack and break easily, releasing dangerous asbestos particles in the air.

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