Place Ceiling Rosettes Polystyrene

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Expanded polystyrene place ceiling rosettes is an economical solution to renew the look of our house. Moreover, its installation requires no work and is very clean. Step by step to place ceiling rosettes polystyrene. Rosettes of expanded polystyrene find in the market are light and easy to install: as weigh almost nothing, we can fix them using the appropriate adhesive. They are also easy to cut and handle. Before placing the rosette, we do a hole for the wires connecting the lamp with the help of a cutting. The ceiling must be clean, dry, and smooth and have a good mechanical stability. We are introducing the decorative element and mark its position.

Apply adhesive mounting and pressed the rose against the ceiling, being careful not to damage it. While the product hardens, put strips of tape as an interim support. After removing the tape we cover the seam with adhesive mounting. Then we give color to the rose window. As solvents can damage polystyrene, we opted by an acrylic paint. After the drying time and we can reposition the lamp, making electrical connections with the main switch of power cut. And in this simple way, we will have finished placing expanded polystyrene ceiling rosettes.

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