Petit Fours

These fanciful little cakes that literally translated from French means, “Small Oven”

Well, you know what they say sometimes it gets “lost in the translation” because I often refer to them as petite cakes or small French finger cakes.

I suppose you would need a small oven to make such a small cake, but not where I come from!

At Woodland Bakery we use a giant oven to make hundreds of dozens of these little gems at a time!

I know that they may seem intimidating at first glance. But watch how simply I demystify the making of the Petit Four in just minutes!

You will of course want to have your Mise en Place together ahead of time, such as Golden Vanilla Cake and Buttercream recipe prepared.

You can use any cake you like though, you are not chained to the one I am showing you here.

Petit Fours
Yield 6 dozen

Yes it’s a lot, but you can freeze JUST the cake part so nicely (for up to 3 months WELL WRAPPED) and you can have Petit Fours at your fingertips ANYTIME!

1 Recipe Golden Vanilla Cake
1/2 Recipe Swiss Buttercream

Bake the cake recipe in 2- 1/2 Sheet Pans so you will have 2- very thin layers of cake. Be sure to use parchment paper liners in the bottom of each pan to ensure a proper release without cracking your cake

Assembling the Petit Four:
Once the cake layers have cooled completely, remove one of them carefully from the pan by inverting it onto a large cutting board or something similar in size to avoid breakage. (another empty sheet pan would also work)
Remove the parchment paper from the cake layer and then re-invert back INTO THE SAME CAKE PAN THAT IT BAKED IN.
Now you will spread half of the buttercream over the cake layer as even as possible and place the second cake layer over top of the buttercream.
Press firmly.
Spread a very thin layer of buttercream over the top layer and place the entire sheet pan in the freezer or the refrigerator to firm up. Approximately 30 minutes.
**At this point you may store the Petit Four Sheet in the freezer wrapped with plastic wrap for up to 1 month.

Next you are ready to ice with Poured Fondant Icing
Prepare the entire recipe if you plan to ice the whole 6  dozen petit fours at once, or you may prepare HALF recipe if you are only covering a small amount.
Watch the video that follows to see how to ice and decorate Professional Bakery Style Petit Fours in just minutes!

The difficult thing about using the Poured Fondant Icing, is that you cannot refrigerate these little cakes for very long. Unless you have a very dry refrigerator (like I do at the bakery) you should do a test with one or two little ones to see how they fare in the fridge for a day or two.

Poured fondant has a natural tendency to dissolve in the humid conditions of a refridge. But you can store the Petit Fours in an airtight container in a COOL room temperature for up to 3 days.


  1. Jennifer says

    I know you mentioned to make these with a pound like cake but I need to make red velvet ones. Do you think they would be OK with a velvet type textured cake? Or should I search for a rv pound cake?

  2. Laura B. says

    I stumbled across your poured fondant video online and I’m so glad! I’m in the final stages of Christmas tins for my husband’s clients. Since he’s a personal trainer, this is the only time of year I’m allowed to bake for them! I am making petit fours for the first time and was wondering if you compress your layers before icing? Thank you so much for your valuable time!

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hey! Great! Welcome (even if just for 1 time a year!) My bf is a personal trainer also and well……let’s just say I sneak alot of tastes!
      (we will be creating a new channel soon called Bake your Cake and Eat it too- where Chris will train me at home with normal stuff around the house for folks who cannot afford the gym or have no time!)

      ANYWAY- Thanks for stopping by I hope you stay or come back soon!

    • Gretchen Price says

      well Im not sure what you mean by “store bought fondant” since there are a few different types of fondant.
      First- you cannot melt the rolled variety.
      This recipe calls for POURING FONDANT. which may be sold in stores, but only specialty cake shops I am pretty sure.
      CLICK HERE for more options on buying….but honestly the recipe is so easy you may just end up making it

    • Gretchen Price says

      well Im not sure what you mean by “store bought fondant” since there are a few different types of fondant.
      First- you cannot melt the rolled variety.
      This recipe calls for POURING FONDANT. which may be sold in stores, but only specialty cake shops I am pretty sure.
      CLICK HERE for more options on buying….but honestly the recipe is so easy you may just end up making it

  3. Tamie Tyra says

    So thankful I found this blog of yours! Making these for our “Church Ladies Christmas Tea”! Thinking of Christmas flavors like eggnog, peppermint and snow cream. Was wanting to ask “in your expert opinion”would the basic flavor (no added extracts) compliment these flavors??? Hooked on your videos you have such a sparkly personality!

      • Tamie says

        Poured fondant flavor without adding extract. Just the flavor from the white chocolate karo and powder sugar is what I was asking. I am setting up right now to make these!!! Can’t wait to get them together. Thanks again for the videos!

  4. says

    Hey There.
    Excited to try these. I don’t have much experience with buttercream. Last time I froze a layered cake and attempted to ice it frozen, it sweated and was a mess. After you freeze these cakes, take them out, cut them, do you have to wait until they are fully thawed to ice them?
    Thanks so much
    Nicole =)

    • Gretchen Price says

      Yes I do not freeze my cakes until they are solid as rock (but if that does happen) you have to wait until it is slightly thawed to ice (as you have learned from experience)

  5. Tina Faulkner says

    Hi Gretchen,
    Just wanted to say, love your blog and video’s, I have done so many of the recipes.
    Also the different country substitute page is a massive hit for me as I am in the UK and have been trying to find crisco here but now I know it’s Trex.

    Love this recipe, I call them French Fancies, I shall have to try them out tomorrow.

  6. says

    I made the Golden Vanilla Butter Cake Recipe and the Swiss Style Meringue Buttercream for the Petit Fours 2 weeks ago and put in freezer. Our Tea Party will be on Sunday. We will be making the Pour Fondant Icing on Saturday. When should we take the cake out of the freeze and still be firm enough to cut into the 1 x 1 squares?

  7. Christie says


    I’m going to be trying your poured fondant recipe on my daughter’s bday cake for the first time next week. (I hate rolling out fondant lol) You had a video of “how to paint on a poured fondant cake” which I watched a million times but I suddenly cannot find it ANYWHERE online. I’d like to have it so I can have a little confidence boost the day of. ;) Is there anywhere I possibly haven’t checked to find it? Thank you so much for all the videos. There are so many things I’m dying to try!

    Christie :)

  8. Hawati says

    Hi Gretchen, I love to watch your video.
    I’m not very sure what is”White Merckens Coins’?
    Could you please explain? how to use it?
    Thank you

  9. Eileen says


    Thank you so much for the recipes and advice. I made the petit fours for my brother who was visiting from Thailand. I did one layer in choc. and one yellow, filled some with raspberry, some with choc. swiss buttercream and some with the vanilla. On to rainbow cookies!

  10. says

    You have been so nice about answering all of these questions. I hope you answer mine because I am at a loss an could use some advice. My aunt has asked me to make 200 petit fours for her anniversary party. They will be packaged in individual 2in boxes. The issue.,, I am in GA, the party is in NJ. can you give any ideas on the logistics. The party is the Friday after Thanksgiving and I will be staying in a hotel. Do I a) make the petit fours the Monday before and ship them and pray hard? B) make the cake only and ship it – figure out how to make the buttercream and fondant when I get to NJ C) make the complete petit four and carry along with me on the plane? ANY suggestions would be great.

    • Gretchen Price says

      Oh wow, first GOOD LUCK! LOOL
      I have not had great experience with shipping, so unless you do it the super precautious way, I wouldn’t chance it (and I am not sure what super precautious IS because even!)
      I would prefer to ship everything is components and then assemble and finish when you get there (or since you are coming to NJ just buy them from my bakery LOLOLOL)

      • LeAnne says

        I really like the idea of just buying them… While I do love baking, the logistics of the situation is giving me a headache.

        I am going to send you an email to discuss pricing. :-)

  11. Reena says

    Just another question, have you ever used poring buttercream?
    Normal buttercream (icing sugar, butter, milk and flavouring) melted in the microwave for about 10 seconds and then poured over cake


  12. Reena says


    I am making 350 mini cakes at the end of the month and wondered if I can use your pouring fondant recipe for the cakes to crumb coat and then cover them with roll out fondant?

    • Gretchen Price says

      I don’t trust the poured fondant under a rolled fondant cake, I warn it may get slippery and not hold the fondant well
      I prefer Buttercream for all crumb coats, however if these are MINI cakes??? Ay AY AY, not fun, so I understand your wanting to use the poured much faster and easier, so I would do a test run on 1 a few days before you make your decision

      • Reena Patel says


        Thank you for your reply.

        Just another question, have you ever used poring buttercream?
        Normal buttercream (icing sugar, butter, milk and flavouring) melted in the microwave for about 10 seconds and then poured over cake


  13. Jackie says

    Thank you! I have been looking for the right recipe for poured fondant for weeks. Had a disasterous experiment yesterday. I was immensely successful today with your recipe. I will be a faithful reader of your blog!

  14. Eileen says


    I was excited to find your blog. I initially went searching for Italian butter cookie recipes and then found your Petit Four recipe. Since my brother, who has a fondness for them, will be visiting from out of the country I thought I’d give them a whirl. Would it be ok to separate 1/2 of the cake batter and add cocoa to it give a variety of both yellow and choc. petit fours? If so, how much would you recommend adding?

  15. Georgia says

    Dear Gretchen,
    One of my oldest and fondest memories of special times spent with my mum (that’s how it’s spelt in Australia) was going to a French Patisserie in Balwyn North in Melbourne Australia, not far from where I grew up. We would indulge in petit fours and also the child’s version which was a bright green frog version with a pink buttercream that represented a frog’s mouth! Delicious!
    Last night I celebrated my fortieth birthday and used your divine recipe to make a petit four tower. I am generally not keen on using recipes from the net because I find that they often are just not that good! After reading the three recipes on your site and watching the video, I thought I’d go with your recipe. The petit fours exceeded my expectations – they were the most heavenly morsels of yumminess!
    I would like to extend my warmest, sincerest thanks for the most exquisite petit fours I have ever indulged in! They were absolutely divine. The cake had a firm, smooth texture and was not dry (I did a two tone pink centre). The swiss meringue buttercream was utterly heavenly – the vegetable fat (copha) adds a firmness and silkiness that butter alone doesn’t do and when I saw this in your recipe I thought “wow, that makes sense”, It just melted in my mouth (I added an extra layer of buttercream on the cake as well as apricot jam, just because I could!). The fondant icing with the addition of white chocolate (melts) was sublime, a much more sophisticated version than a regular fondant icing, offering that slightly hardened texture that coats and compliments the cakes so beautifully.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Thank you for sharing your recipe. You are amazing!
    I might just eat one for breakfast!
    Georgia Karstens, Melbourne Australia.

  16. Matt says

    Hey, just thought i’d let you know that petit fours isnt something that is “lost in translation”, more accurately it translates to “little heat” more than “little oven”
    Given that originally all ovens were heated with wood, wasting fuel was VERY expensive, often more so than the food that goes in it.
    So once the fuel had burned down to a point where it wasnt hot enough for standard baking, chef would put cakes in that were small enough that they would cook with just the “little heat” remaining.
    Thus they managed to be baking something in the oven till the very last of the heat was gone, and no fuel was wasted

    passing on cooking trivia from my first chef

  17. Tracey Huff says

    Hi Gretchen: I am interested in attempting to make your petit fours. I live in an area where I am not sure that I will be able to find the Merckens or even Wilton chocolates for the Poured Fondant Icing. Will the taste and/or consistency be affected if I just use water? Also, can you think of a substitution that I might can use? Thanks!

    • Gretchen Price says

      You can just use water, you will just have a very thin icing, the chocolate really gives it some body and helps it to adhere to the cake better

  18. Caroline says

    Hi Gretchen, would you recommend storing these/transporting these in a cake saver, or would that kind of air-tight storage be bad for them, and a cardboard box would be better (that allows air to circulate)? I don’t want the fondant to dissolve or disappear! (I know you said no refrigeration.) Thanks!!

    • Gretchen Price says

      Yes great question, I pack all of my desserts in a cardboard box for the customers to transport so this is my preference, You bring up a very good point though, that if it was airtight and got heated in the room, you could create a heat box of sorts, and the icing may begin to get too hot in there and melt!

      Excellent thinking! You see, sometimes I think only in bakery land… I have to STOP doing that sometimes here for you guys at home! thanks for the help!

      • Caroline says

        Okay, I can report back now since I tested it – I made sure it stayed in a cool room and the cake saver/transporter worked great. (I have the Wilton brand one that snaps closed and has a handle on the top for easy carrying.) The petit fours looked beautiful and tasted great too! They were a wonderful success. Gretchen, your recipes are amazing. (Someone asked for the frosting recipe and I said which one? There’s SMB inside and poured fondant on top ;).) I am now testing freezing the leftovers – we’ll see how that test goes ;).

  19. Sharon says

    I am working through the steps for Petit Fours to take to a Afternoon Tea Wedding Shower. So far all has gone well! Cake is perfect and buttercream frosting is amazing! Thanks for the excellent instructions and foolproof recipes.

  20. Caroline says

    Hi Gretchen, two questions. 1. When you add the second cake layer, should it be flipped upside down (with the bottom of that cake becoming the top of the assembled cake), or does it go on top of the bottom layer top side up? (I ask because with full size cakes I frequently turn my final layer upside down in assembly since the bottom of the cake layer tends to be flatter and I want a flat top. I hope my question is clear!) 2. Just to clarify, you fill the middle with buttercream and ice the top with buttercream, and then freeze and then cut and then pour on the poured fondant: is it correct that you do NOT crumb ice or otherwise ice the sides of each cut 1 inch by 1 inch piece? The fondant should still cover each piece smoothly?
    Thanks so much for all your help, I love your blog and videos and I can’t wait to try this out!

      • Caroline says

        Thanks Gretchen! That’s one of my projects for this weekend – step one of the petit fours (making and assembling the cake layers). By the way, I just made your SMB for the first time tonight, and I LOVE it! I made SMB once before and liked it, but the added sweetness in yours really does it for me :). I crumb iced my cake tonight and will decorate tomorrow – can’t wait to taste the final product all together over the weekend! I’m using it with a French chocolate cake in three layers. Thanks again for all your help and amazing blog and tutorials!

  21. Tammy Smith says

    Hello Gretchen! Than you for sharing your recipes.They look scrumptious! I really enjoyed your tutorial for the petite fours on YouTube.I use tutorials for many things and some folks ramble on so.You are fun to watch and you get right to the point….creating wonderful baked goodies! If ever you tire of your bakery,you could always teach,you’d be excellent at it!

    • Gretchen Price says

      Thank you so much for the comment, its funny that I get so many comments from people telling me to shut up stop talking and GET to the POINT! hahaha
      Thanks! Glad you are enjoying!

  22. Ann Marie says

    Hi Gretchen, Thank you for sharing your recipes with us! I have a question about making this ahead of time. Can I make the cake, ice the center and freeze it? and how long will it last in the freezer? (then add the fondant icing when I am ready) Thank you :)

  23. Eina says

    Hi Gretchen!
    Can I use ganache instead of poured fondant icing? I was thinking of dipping some of them in milk chocolate and then drizzling them with white and vice versa. Good? Can I store them at room temperature when they are done?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Yes you can use ganache and you can store at room temp for a day or two, just not HOT temperatures

  24. Maggie Henry says

    Total happy dance! Just found out you are in the next town over from my kidsin Madison. I will get to visit your shop at the end of the month! Do you ever do classes? Your you tubes are awesome, how in the world do you keep from nibbling ?

    • Gretchen Price says

      YAY! I do not do classes YET, but plan to in the future!
      Haha, I nibble EVERYDAY! Its a nightmare!

  25. Heather says

    Hi Gretchen! Came across this recipes as I’ve been in search of a good one for my daughters 2nd birthday, to which I believe having smaller portions would be great for little hands. My question to you is – The cake, can you substitute the vanilla extract for another flavor? Only reason I ask, is I know some don’t believe you should in certain recipes. Thanks!

  26. Molly says

    Thank you so much for posting this blog. And this petit four recipe! I am doing petit fours for my girlfriends baby shower in 2 days. I have the cakes all done and am just wondering about the poured fondant. I tried one other recipe which was a total fail cause it set up so incredibly fast. I tried adding a little more water to thin it out and it left the ones that I iced after a little sticky to the touch. I was using a cooked poured fondant where you take it to soft ball stage and then let it come down in temp before whipping it in the food processor. So i guess my question is. With your recipe you say to just add water to get it to the correct consistency but will this leave them feeling sticky afterwards? You also said you would make it a little runnier for petit fours because they should be sheer? will this affect how it hardens as well? thanks so much!

    • Gretchen Price says

      adding water will thin it for you if it is too thick, so no it doesn’t change it, unless you add too much in which case it will drip all over and barely cover the cake.

  27. Ann says


    So if I use pound cake instead and bake it thin in two sheet pans instead of one, will the recipe still taste alright?

  28. Jolene says

    Hi, I am making petit fours for a tea party for 150 people. From your previous comments and your comment on the tutorial about your girlfriends cake in the freezer….it’s not ok to put them in the refrigerator , but it’s ok to freeze them after icing them with the poured fondant?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hi There, I have not had great experience in freezing these after they have been iced, the condensation will melt the icing and you will have a terrible mess…however maybe your freezer was magical, or she ate them before they had time to get ugly!

      Since the icing sugar is so sensitive to humidity, it is wise to make a test with one or two and see how your fridge reacts, since everyones experience may be different.
      I have 1 fridge at the bakery that is very dry. I can store the petit fours with no trouble. ALL My other fridges melt the icing and they are a drippy mess

  29. Josie says

    Hello again…one more ? For the petit fours do you ever make them
    With preserves instead of buttercream??

  30. Josie says

    Wen you say 1 recipe for the sponge ..does that mean 1 recipe for the half sheets, in others words 2 recipes total?

    • Gretchen Price says

      1 recipe of cake
      excepted from the blog:
      Bake the cake recipe in 2- 1/2 Sheet Pans so you will have 2- very thin layers of cake

  31. Molly says

    Will the buttercream inside and the poured fondant stand up to high temps and humidity? I want to serve at my outdoor wedding in June in the South. Any suggestions?

    • Gretchen Price says

      As with anything in those temperatures,you must be careful on how to handle and store.
      But I have had no trouble here in hot humid NJ

      Just be sure to keep them cold until the party starts .

      **I may have mentioned it is not great to refrigerate the petite four because the humidity from the refridge will melt the icing, but you will have to keep these cold, so do a test batch and keep them in the fridge for a day to be sure your particular fridge is not super humid

  32. says

    Hey Gretchen
    What cake do you prefer to use for the petit fours, Frangipan or the Golden Vanilla Butter cake? I have a 13″x18″ pan How much batter will I need, how long to bake it? Where can I find the Frangipan recipe? I need to make 2 cake and place on e on top of the other right? Thank you for your time!!

  33. says

    I seen some people dip the pettier fours rather than pour the fondant. My question is how do you get it off the fork without messin up the fondant? Im goin to try your way and see how I make out Thank You

    • Gretchen Price says

      Yes, I have seen many dipping them as well. I guess you should see which way works best for you then stick with that

  34. Kim Martin says

    I was just wanting some tips and tricks for making these petit fours please and thanks in advance can’t wait to hear back from you :)

  35. Fernanda says


    I would like to make one layer only. Which size pan should I use? Sorry I’m totally new on that:)
    And also, can I make any cake? Maybe replace the oil for butter so the cake will be firm?


    • Gretchen Price says

      HI there,
      You can use any cake recipe you wish, half the recipe and use a smaller pan
      It depends which recipe you are using as far as switching butter and oil, so please read WHAT IS CAKE before you begin

  36. says

    Hi Gretchen
    My question is where can I buy the sheet pans that you use for the Petit Fours? I have the 12″ x18′ – 2′ also 11’x18′ – 2′ cake pans will they work?? What size pastry bag do you use all the time I see it is bigger than what I use. Thank You for being so patient with me!!

  37. Kristi St. Pierre says

    I’ve only seen the store bought prerolled fondant. Since I’m completely new to this I assumed that they had one that you would melt to use for petite fours. But now that you have explained things I think I completely understand !! Thank you!!

  38. Kristi St. Pierre says

    I’ve only seen the ready rolled fondant in the store. I thought maybe they had one you melted.. I didn’t see the recipe but will go look!! Thank you !!

  39. Kristi St. Pierre says

    I did watch the video and got a lot of helpful tips! I’ve never made petite fours before but have eaten then and LOVE them!! I was always told fondant taste nasty and I’ve never tried it myself so I was thinking of making a homemade icing similar to (powder sugar type icing) what you could buy in the store. But since you have just told me that’s pretty much what makes it a petite four and that’s what is always used to make them I will do that! What I was trying to explain with the cake is that the recipe is for a wedding cake and has sour cream in it’s so it’s a dense cake as most wedding cakes I’ve had are. Or does it need to be a lighter type cake? And are petite fours filled? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed they were filled.. I just know they are delicious!! Thank you for your help!!

    • Gretchen Price says

      The poured fondant icing as attached to the this recipe right here IS powdered sugar icing, so I am not sure where you are confused that this is something else.

  40. Kristi St. Pierre says

    Can I use an vanilla wedding cake recipe (it includes sour cream) to make petite fours? And can I use a regular icing recipe to ice the cakes instead of using fondant? Do petite fours have fillings? Sorry for so many questions! I’m new to this baking thing and don’t have any knowledge of petite fours. Thanks for the blog! Love it!!

    • Gretchen Price says

      I cannot really comment on other people’s recipes, as I do not know the specifics of how they are meant to be prepared.
      But generally any cake can be used for Petit Fours as long as you can bake thin layers and cut them into small pieces.

      If you watch the video that goes along with this post, many of your questions will be answered, and why I take the time to film videos rather than just post instructions. Please take a minute to watch.

      As for using another icing? Not sure what you mean, what recipe and why? Poured fondant is what makes a Petit Four a Petit Four.

  41. Susan says

    Hi Gretchen,
    Can I use marzipan between the layers of the petit fours? If so, would you please
    suggest one.

    PS I don’t know what I like more, your advice or how quickly you reply. You are a
    true pro in more ways than one.

    • Gretchen Price says

      You can use marzipan, sure, I cannot really suggest one though because I do not buy marzipan, I make it.
      but perhaps you meant Almond Paste?? And not really marizipan??
      At any rate you can simply use THIS RECIPE for petite fours and forgo the whole “marzipan” conversation altogether.

  42. Le says

    Hi Gretchen…
    I made your Petit Four recipe, over the last two days, I made the cake, Swiss buttercream and fondant icing. What a marvelous recipe, I have to admit, the flavor of the cake and buttercream is the best, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done in sharing your recipes with us all, the world is a little sweeter with you in it!! Thanks again…

  43. kelly says

    this is the best website EVER — new to all this youtube stuff so i was soo happy to find you- as a new baker i am trying to make your petite fours — am i right in reading that i make your golden vanilla cake recipe and divide it between two half sheet pans — right ? or do i make two of these recipes ? i know its says 1 recipe but i am just making sure –cause it sure is a thin layer

    do you have a video were your making this recipe using the half sheet pans and i just cant find it ? i need visual most of the time to go with the instructions so i know what it should look like since i new at this —
    again thanks for alll your step by step — i love them

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hi glad to know you are liking the site.
      As written in the blog:
      Bake the cake recipe in 2- 1/2 Sheet Pans so you will have 2- very thin layers of cake.

      You are not mistaken, Petit Fours are very small delicate 1 – 2 bite pastries, so the cake is very thin.

  44. Conni says

    Actually you can put them in the Fridge and does not dissolve with the humidity. I have been making Custom Cakes for over 6 years and always put my Fondant covered Cakes in the Fridge and they are just as perfect. When you first take it out of the Fridge it will be a little shiny but as it sits out the Moister dissipates and the Fondant is just fine with no shine.

    Thank You for the Tutorial!

  45. Melinda says

    Gretchen, I see in one of your replies that you use frangipane rather than the golden vanilla cake for the Pettit fours. I would like to make these as gifts, and so I don’t mind the extra expense. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the frangipane? Thanks for ALL that you do!

    • Gretchen Price says

      ganache will also condensate and drip a little “moisture’ and make it look a runny mess.
      Test one before you do a whole batch to make sure you are OK with the results

  46. Helena says

    Hi Gretchen
    I remember seeing your Christmas Petit Four decoration a year ago on you tube, but can’t recall how you did the decorations. There were three designs. Would you tell me what tip you used for the poinsettia and what were the other two designs and what tips did you use for those? If it is too much trouble to make a video, can you just walk through the process with written directions? Thank you for your help.


  47. Sherril says

    I feel very silly asking this but if you use a 12X18 pan and cut 1″ squares, isn’t that a lot more than 3 dozen?

  48. Helena says

    Hi Gretchen,
    Can you please show us how to decorate christmas Petit Four. Different kinds of design would be great . Thank you.

  49. Maria says

    yes i am using merckens. you mentioned in your video your girlfriend has a piece of petit four left in her freezer from a party she did a month ago. What kind of petit four is that?

  50. Maria says

    Gretchen, Is it ok to use the chocolate coins (pastel colors) for pettit fours?
    Can it be stored in the freezer? How long?

    • Gretchen Price says

      yes I think so, (if it is wilton or Merckens coins you are talking about??) NO to freezing poured fondant cakes

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