Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Fixtures

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Chrome Faucets Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Fixtures- An oil rubbed bronze finish has a deep orange and gold with a blackened patina or mottled top. This finish can be easily created with the appropriate tone and effectively mask the bright yellow bronze builder fully finished materials found in most new brass fittings and brass plate. Creating a faux oil rubbed bronze finish on bright yellow brass gives a vintage look or antique pieces that stand too harshly in other color schemes discreet and elegant way.

Level of Difficulty oil rubbed bronze light fixtures Moderately ChallengingThings You NeedRemoverFine grade steel rubber woolWaterAntiquing glovesLacquer solutionGlass plastic or cloth  Put on rubber gloves. Rub a small amount of varnish remover on a piece of fine steel wool quality. Gently rub the surface of the fixation with steel wool to remove any polyurethane or wax. Rinse the unit with clean water and drying to remove varnish remover.

Buff oil rubbed bronze light fixtures the device with a top layer of wax to protect the finish and prevent any new continuous reaction between the solution of antiques and the high command of the unit. Add additional wax at least once a year to adequately protect false oil rubbed bronze finish.

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