New Model Wood Ceiling Planks

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Elegant Design Wood Ceiling Planks

The use of the tongue and groove wood strips to finish a roof adds a touch of elegance and class to even the dullest room. You can turn any home into a house with the feel of cabin deep forests by installing wood ceiling planks product. Tongue and groove wood strips are available in a variety of species, including walnut, walnut, ash, red oak and black cherry. These wood ceiling planks species are available in finished and unfinished boards.

Find all the studs (beams) on the roof with an electronic stud finder. Mark the locations on the wall to be visible during installation. Each wood ceiling planks is attached directly to the studs.Install the first full row in this way. Ensure that the head of each nail is installed near the slot is located below the surface of the wood. Honed nail heads that need it with a set of nails and a hammer. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each row of tables until the roof is completely covered, wood ceiling planks cut as required with a miter saw.  Fill the nail holes finishing along the first row of wooden planks and any other exposed nail holes with wood putty.

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