Mounting An Antique Light Fixtures Outdoor

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Design For Antique Light Fixtures

Antique light fixtures important to the light outside the house as inside. It gives security to see what is happening when a strange noise is heard, and the security of being able to find your way around when you come home late at night. Install a switch box on an inside wall of the external lights. Install an electrical box. If you will be on the side of the house, mark the outline of the box in the liner.

Make a hole in the lining near the ground if antique light fixtures are to be mounted at a distance from the house.  Draw the power to the light circuit a nearby outlet. Strip coating from the wire with a knife, and then pull the ends of the black and white wires with a wire stripper. Run a length of electrical cable lamp switch. Install type UF cable.

Unscrew and remove one of the plugs in the bottom of the box clamp and screw tight in the hole with slip-lock pliers. Strip the wires in the junction box, connect the black wire coming from the wall switch terminal from the top, and it will make antique light fixtures the lower terminal.

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