Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

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New Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

Motion sensor outdoor light provide added security to your home, but because they are subjected to the elements throughout the year, eventually may develop some problems that must be addressed in order to maintain their profits. Troubleshooting of these devices is not really that difficult, as there are only a small number of potential problems that could be causing the device inoperable.

Basic Troubleshooting motion sensor outdoor light. Turn off the circuit breaker that supplies power to the motion sensor light. Leave it for about 30 minutes and then on again. Check the light to see if the bulbs are lit if they are, the sensor only needs to be reset and the light will go off in seconds. This step resets the sensor and can be used to attach either a light that is stuck in the on position or a light that does not turn at all. If the restart does not help, then continue to the next step.

Replace bulbs with newer ones with motion sensor outdoor light. Inclement weather or sudden changes in temperature can cause the bulbs have a shorter lifespan. If the device uses incandescent bulbs, which can be tested by putting them into practice on a regular lamp socket before you buy replacement bulbs.

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