Ideas To Decorate A Square Light Fixture

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Design Modern Square Light Fixture

I have long pending “an appointment” with the square light fixture of my room. Although I am aware of the importance of decorative lamps, its price generally seems quite prohibitive and when I had to choose the lamp that would place above the dining room table, my tastes and my budget did not reach an agreement.

This was the reason I finished hanging from the ceiling of the room a square light fixture screen beige, pretty bland. Martha Stewart’s proposal is to cover the screen with a cloth in several layers, they create a gradient. This screen made of sticks I’ve seen in How Joyful. It sounds like a good idea and would be great in a “rustic”. And here’s a sample crochet screens I’ve found at crafts square light fixture. They are an updated and modern classical crochet version screens.

This lamp deserved a place in the team for the spirit of recycling that transmits and daring of everyday objects to find a use different from the usual. This screen is made by Hannah Nunn and is gorgeous, as all it does. After seeing all these ideas I have still not clear what to do with my screen, so I will be looking for inspiration square light fixture

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