Ideas Of Swag Light Fixture

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Simple Swag Light Fixture

Swag light fixture are used more frequently in areas where lighting is needed pendant and attic can not have access to enable wiring hanging ceiling light. Swag lamps are designed to hang from the chain attached to the ceiling and plug into the outlet. Any pendant light can be turned into a lamp loot with minor adjustments.

Disconnect the pendant chain. Use pliers to open the link holding the chain around the chain on top of the lamp. Remove the link to free chain. Slide the rope chain lamp. Unscrew the decision input into the swag light fixture. Grasp the inner cap in hand and turn to the left, pulling it from the socket to expose the socket wiring. Loosen the copper and silver in the socket, using a Phillips or Flathead screwdriver, and remove the cable from the lamp under them.

Install a new string to the swag light fixture, at least 6 feet long or more. Place chain link opening and closing the final link around the loop of the chain on top of the pendant. Wrap the length of the string in a soft cloth to avoid damaging the finish of the chain. Thread a new lamp cord through the chain and the light socket. Use a lamp cord per-cooked to desired length with the plug and switch online already installed.

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