How To Make Ceiling Medallions In A Dollhouse

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Ceiling Medallions At Lowes

Ceiling medallions are ornamented plaster decorations round and round lamps are associated with Victorian decor. In a doll house fully furnished old fashioned, handmade ceiling medallions makes a great accent to finish accompanying a chandelier. Create your air-drying clay, using a simple printing technique. Soak two tablespoons. Kneading clay with your hands. Work a little water if necessary. Shaping clay into a ball rolling between flat palms and a flat, smooth surface.

Flatten the ball into a disk. Press with the palms, by applying a uniform pressure to the center of the sphere. Continue to press with your fingers until the disc is roughly the size of the placemat. Flip up the hard clay to use soft bottom side of the disc. Press the placemat against the disc to make a good for ceiling medallions impression.

Align the edges of the mat with the edges of the circle of clay. Press the lace into the clay by running their fingers over it.  Taking impressions of the small leaf above the napkin impressions. Press the sheet against the clay to design pepper with leaf impressions. Put them where you think you look good, using as few or as many as you want.

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