How To Install Recessed Ceiling Lights In The Kitchen?

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Energy Saving Recessed Ceiling Lights

Recessed ceiling lights are a lighting device that can be inserted into any ceiling in any room of a house. This will take no more than about 2 hours from start to finish, and there are few tools and knowledge required. While it is always best to use a licensed electrician for any electrical work. Made the outer circumference of the lights so you know how much you need to cut recessed ceiling lights to conform.

Connect lights in series, so that a cable goes to the next comes out and goes to the next light. Remember that green wires connect to green wires, red to red and white wires to white wires. Connect the red wire from the ceiling with the red wire of the first light with wire nuts. Connect the green wire from the ceiling to the green wire at first light.

Connect the other red cable to the red wire first light of the second light. Fixed the unit on the roof, putting the cover plate and sliding the unit in the recessed ceiling lights. Press the four locking tabs to lock the light hole so that it does not fall as there are no screws for inserting.

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