How To Install Portfolio Landscape Lighting

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Portfolio Landscape Lighting Ideas

Portfolio landscape lighting is a leader in innovative lighting company. Product portfolio includes wall mounting accessories, hanging lamps, pendants, low voltage lighting, surface lighting and landscape lighting, but the manufacturer is known for its recessed lighting systems. The lighting designers and architects used to add emphasis Portfolio and custom details. The installation of each lamp portfolio is unique, but it starts with the basic procedures.

Confirm a hot wire or a switch (color) leg, neutral (white) wire and a ground wire on electric power where the light fixture installed Portfolio will be made. Contact a qualified electrician to complete the work if the electrical connections are missing electrician. Turn the lamp switch portfolio landscape lighting. Turn off the connection circuit breaker box. Test food with a voltmeter to ensure that power is off at the junction circuit.

Peel 3/4-inch of plastic insulation of the hot, neutral and ground wires using a wire stripper, in the junction box and the portfolio landscape lighting. Electrician with pliers, twist together the corresponding hot wires (color), neutral (white) and earth (green). Screw the wire nuts at each connection. Wrap each cable connection with electrical tape. Tuck connections in the junction box either light fixture, Portfolio.

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