How To Fix A Wobbly 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

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3 Blade Ceiling Fan Ideas

A wobbly 3 blade ceiling fan can be noisy and annoying than a jackhammer if you are in the same room with you. However, you must not take it. Read on to find out how you can align quickly and efficiently a ceiling fan wobble.

Check if the 3 blade ceiling fan blades have accumulated dust or other material. If you forget to remove dust from the fan blades to clean the house, in the course of a few months (or even years) a large amount of dirt that can be accumulated misalign the blades and cause it to wobble. With the fan off and the still blades, clean accumulated on the surface, sides and undersides of the blades with a household scouring powder.

Check that all blades are screwed tightly. Check the 3 blade ceiling fan wheel to find the place where the wings join the mechanism. Use a screwdriver to secure the nuts seems loose. You can also unscrew the fan blades to clean more thoroughly. Dust can build up in the spaces that are between the blades and the steering wheel, causing the fan to misaligned after a while.

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