How to Decorate Easter Cakes and Cupcakes

by Gretchen Price on March 24, 2014

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I have shown several different ideas already for how to decorate Easter Cakes and Cupcakes on my youtube videos ; but I figured why not make it easy and combine all the techniques and specialty items you may need for this fun project, right here! In one convenient page!

Keep in mind the type of cake and filling, and icings you use is entirely up to you. All of the recipes can be found right here on the left column. (See it??)
Just click on Fillings & Icings OR Cake Recipes and of course prepare all of those things in advance to make easy work of the FUN Decorating day! Then Pick Your Passion for any one of the projects below!

Of course what I have shown so far is not the “end all be all” of Easter and Spring cake decorating, but it is a pretty good start, and you can take some of the ideas I have shown you here and RUN WITH IT! I love nothing more than to see the creations you all come up with from the simple basics I show you. Be sure to post to the Woodland Bakery Facebook Page when you are finished! The Woodland Woodies Love Love Love looking at cake almost as much as we love baking it, (and ummm, errr….eating it!)

Where to start?

Cornelli Lace Pattern on Cakes
You Will Need: The #3 Ateco Straight tip, #104 Ateco Petal tip, a coupler, a pastry bag, a flower nail for Making Buttercream Roses
All of these items (AND MORE!) are found in the Woodland Bakery Essentials Cake Kit

Basketweave Design on Cakes
You Will Need: The #48 Ateco Basketweave tip, #21 Ateco Star tip, coupler, pastry bag, flower nail.
All of there items (AND MORE!) are found in the Woodland Bakery Essentials Cake Kit

Poured Fondant Easter Cake
Of course you will need an Egg Shaped cake pan to bake your favorite cake recipe, but aside from that, you really just need the Poured Fondant recipe some buttercream and a few tips and pastry bags all found right here in the Woodie Store
I use the tips from the Essentials Cake Decorating Kit
The Sugar Pop-Ons are optional

Easter Cupcakes 3 Ways

For theRobins’s Nest Cupcake , you will need: The #824 Ateco Grass Tip for icing the cupcakes. The #3 Ateco tip for making the nest. Speckled Jelly Eggs to fill the nest and you’re done!

For the Bunny Ears Cupcakes you will need a calla lily gum paste cutter or you can ABSOLUTELY just cut the shapes yourself! Unless you have another use for the Calla Lily set, it is a lot of money to spend just to make bunny ears!
You will also need the #826 Ateco tip found in the XL Cake Decorating Kit and of course a pastry bag found in same kit. Some Rolling Fondant will be necessary too as you will see in the video.

For the Bunny Butt Cupcakes you will need to say BUNNY BUTT about 17 times! Trust me, it’s SOOOOO FUN!!!!
In addition you will need the #826 Ateco tip found in the XL Cake Decorating Kit, some rolling fondant to make the shapes of the bunny butt, carrots etc.

And last but not least! For you ADVANCED Pastry Chefs! Try your hand at the Fondant Easter Bunny Cake!
This video in from my Point Of View Camera in hopes that I could give you a better birds eye view of how to create this fabulous work of Bunny Art!

You will need some special tools here, such as Flower Wire for the whiskers, or if you prefer to stay “organic” use pieces of Raw- Uncooked Spaghetti! This way the whole cake is edible too!
Cake pop sticks to fasten on the ears, and a bit of white chocolate for “glue”.
Some small round cookie or gum paste cutters (or watch how I use a piping tip to cut out the eyes!)
A pastry bag with a #3 Ateco tip and some black buttercream (or chocolate will work too!) to make the whisker spots!
This is a fun cake to make! You should Try It!


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