Hang Drum Pendant Lighting

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Fiona Grande Drum Pendant Lighting

The hang drum pendant lighting home is an artifact of lighting developed to provide sturdy support on the vial, while carefully gives a detail decorating the environment where the user decides to place it. The structure of the model has a design in rattan, metal and fabric, materials that are located completely amalgamated in the body and ensure reliable long-term durability.

Among the characteristics of the drum pendant lighting is important to note the completion of its outer surface, which has a thin extension crossing that finish wrapping rattan lamp in its final detail. The interior has a capacity for a lamp and operates on a total power of 100 watts. The support is based on a base rate E-27 in a thin circle that provides coverage in the area of the roof where the connection is located.

The main benefit of the drum pendant lighting is the quality of its operation, guaranteed by the solidity and fine finish of the components that comprise it. Moreover, its use is oriented pendant decorated exclusively for indoor lighting. Adaptation to different spaces can locate bedrooms, living rooms or halls as the user finds appropriate.

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