Rich Dark Fudge Icing

Many of you may be familiar with my wonderful friend Cissy Hopping of Missouri. She is a great help on Facebook Woodland Bakery Page and she has created a recipe to mimic MY fudge recipe and I have too say, its pretty close. What I like about this recipe is that is stays SOFT and it is much cheaper than mine. It is however, much sweeter than my version of FUDGE ICING Try it yourself and see what you think!


Cissy’s Fudge Icing
Yield 2 cups

Sugar 1/2c (100g)
Heavy Cream 1/4 c (2fl oz)
Baking Chocolate Semi Sweet 1oz (28g)
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips 1cup (175g)
Corn Syrup 2Tablespoons
Butter 4Tablespoons (56g)
Heavy Cream 1/4c (2fl oz)
Powdered Sugar 2c (240g)

Mix Method:
In a microwaveable bowl (or a sauce pot on the stove) combine one portion of the heavy cream with the sugar and heat until the sugar dissolves.
Add this to the chocolate and cornsyrup and butter in a large microwaveable bowl (or simply add all of those ingredients to the pot on the stove, being very careful not to scorch the chocolate. You will be wise to switch to a Double Boiler to avoid burning your delicate chocolate. Or just use the microwave like I do.) But whatever why you choose, you will be melting slowly all of these ingredients to smooth.
The second portion of heavy cream will be reserved for later to adjust the consistency of the fudge icing.
In the Kitchen Aid Mixer fitted with the paddle attachment add the sifted confectioners sugar and let it mix on low speed and then pour in the melted chocolate/butter/cornsyrup mixture. Mix on low speed until combined, then increase to medium-hight to smooth out any lumps.
At this point you will add the second reserved portion of heavy cream and use more of it or less of it depending on how you want your consistency.

Use immediately on cakes or brownies or store at room temperature for up 2 days. Refridge for up to 2 weeks.
Once this icing becomes cold, it will harden as that is the nature of chocoalte and butter recipes. You can bring it back to a workable consistency by mixing it on low speed on the mixer with the paddle attachment and then drizzle in approximatley 1-2 Tablespoons of warmed heavy cream.


  1. Wendy says

    Hi, im just rying to find a quick fudge recipe, all i have is cocoa powder, chocolate chips, baking chocolate and heavy cream, i hope i get a fast answer, thanks so much.

  2. Lyn says

    Hi Gretchen, would this be good to use on a large chocolate cake. My icing always cracks and I’m looking for something that won’t go hard and get cracks in it. Can I use glucose syrup. I live in New Zealand and I haven’t seen corn syrup here. Thankyou for your help :)

  3. Melanie says

    Hi! Love your recipes!
    I was wondering if this fudge icing would be ok to use under fondant on a cake or would it melt? I normally use buttercream but I wanted to try something different.

    • Gretchen Price says

      it is fine to use- but keep it in the fridge so it doesn’t melt- although I fridge EVERY cake I cover with fondant so……

  4. Olive says

    Hi there! I’m a baking enthusiast and I have been trying different recipes. I want to try this one, too.

    So I am just wondering, if I want to use only baking chocolate instead of a combination, how much should it be?

    And if I want to use half of baking chocolate and half chocolate chips, how much will that be?

    In ounces and grams.

    And, I live in the Philippines where it is really hot.. will this hold its shape when used as frosting for cupcakes?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  5. Sangeeta says

    Hi.. I am fron UK and cant get corn syrup here..
    what is the substitute for that..
    Can i use Golden syrup instead

  6. Steve says

    Made the rich dark fudge icing along with your fudge brownies and WOW!!! Took it to a small class reunion and they were gone super fast…..the best I ever made….I am so glad that I found you…plan on trying many more of your dishes…..thank you

  7. Cindy says

    Hi Gretchen,

    For the butter, should it be salted or unsalted? Also, if I wanted to cut back on the sweetness, how would I do that?



  8. Namrata Sahota says

    Hey Gretchen! I watched a couple of your videos, and you happened to mention that you studied at CIA. I’m 16 and I’m an aspiring pastry chef from India. One of the institutes I’m looking at for further studies is CIA, could you please e-mail me? I would love to discuss your experiences with you. Thanks a lot :)

  9. Martha Steward says

    Gretchen, I have made and enjoyed Cissy’s Fudge Icing, and now I want to use it to frost Fudgy Fudge Brownies. Considering the yield, should I make a double batch of icing for the half sheet of brownies?

    • Gretchen Price says

      You cannot, unless you are a cow.
      (there is a way to make it at home by using whole milk and butter…but this is not useful for pastries as it will not whip like heavy cream)

    • Gretchen Price says

      Yes but you may go into a sugar coma from how sweet it will be
      (I am not a fan of white chocolate)

  10. Alejandra Spears says

    Perfect outcome! I love this recipe it is soooo easy. I melted all of the ingredients on a sauce pan and once it was all melted I poured it over the powder sugar and mixed it. It looked exactly like the one in the video. I wanted a smoother texture so I added all of the cream the recipe calls for. Seriously it turned out perfect and everyone got all wide-eyed when they tasted it. I have never gotten this much praise with any of my other cakes. What I did was use it as a filling for the best moist chocolate cake recipe! Great success :-) I am so happy

  11. AL says

    I was thoroughly disappointed by the outcome. The icing looks so creamy in the photo, but mine turned out dry and “gritty” even as I continued to add additional heavy cream. I could not get the granulated sugar to dissolve in the heavy cream.

    • Sandra says

      The recipe called for “Powdered Sugar” (Confectioners sugar) Not Granulated sugar, pretty sure this was why it was ‘gritty”. I would try it again. Pretty sure your outcome would be different the second time. :-)

  12. Yat ali says

    Hi Gretchen. Did this for my son’s rush bday cake. Superb! And super easy. Sub the cream with sweetened condensed milk though coz cream is like gold here. Then after melting whatever that needs to be melted, just put everything into the food processor. KithcenAid is gold too here :-) but I do want one and still saving up for it. Tq for the great recipes.

    • mel celine says

      Heey Yat ali u sub the heavy cream with sweetened condensed milk ? and the corn syrup What can I use as a substitute? :/

  13. Cramer vs Kitchen says

    Aaron, one of the things you have to realize is professional bakers have access to ingredients not normally made available or cost effective for the average home baker. the alternatives that Gretchen provides allows home bakers to be able to put out the same product with ingredients that are easy for them to find locally.

    another thing to consider not all countries create the same chocolate product as they do in the United States as often you hear about the news there are a lot of chemicals and stabilizers that the United States might allow here but not in foreign countries.

    what works for one person may not necessarily be workable for another person whether it be cost availability or the ability to work with certain ingredients.

    I would like to think that everyone in this group including her Facebook page as well as YouTube will definitely stand by me when I say this: chefs like Gretchen don’t normally share information this descriptive and this helpful. The fact that all of her videos offer tips tricks all well within the video and even for some of the simplest substitutions they are always provided so the balancing act is really truly up to the person who watches the video and who reads the recipe

  14. Kam says

    The sugar that was melted with heavy cream is it caster sugar or icing sugar? Will substituting heavy cream with milk change anything?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Here it doesn’t matter if it is castor or regular granulated
      changing to milk will be OK, but it will not give it the body and richness that this recipe is meant to have, but it will not be the end of the world

  15. Stella says

    If i want to make the other fudge recipe, can I use all chocolate compound then?

    Which one will stay soft/softer?

  16. sumi says

    Hi gretchen :)
    what can I use instead of corn syrup , since it’s not available in my country
    and can I chop the baking chocolate and use instead of chocolate chips as chocolate chips are very expensive here
    I also want to buy a kitchen aid and I’m confused about which one to buy . plz could u suggest which one is best as I’ve never used one before

    thanks :) x

    • Gretchen Price says

      Golden Syrup? Glucose? Honey?

      Yes to the baking chocolate instead of chips

      Kitchen aids, there are so many models that the price usually determines which one people will buy, I have the Pro 6 series at home it was over $600
      But you can get an Artisan Model for under $300

  17. Jennifer says

    Hi Gretchen,
    I am making this for my brother’s 10th birthday and I was wondering if there was 1/2 cup heavy cream or 1/4 because it said heavy cream twice for the same amount?
    Thank you for doing this for us.

    • Gretchen Price says

      If you read the mix method as follows (or even watch the video) you will see I add the cream in separate additions
      Mix Method:
      In a microwaveable bowl (or a sauce pot on the stove) combine one portion of the heavy cream with the sugar and heat until the sugar dissolves.

      The second portion is added at a later time during the mixing, please read the method and also watch the video for more clarity

  18. says

    Hello Gretchen: this is the second time I make fudge icing and I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong.. you mentioned 1 cup for baker’s chocolate bar.. I really don’t know how to measure this except that I googled an oz equals how many cups and I found that it’s 8 oz.. so I took 2 bars which equaled 4 oz. each – that gave me a cup.. but when I added it with the semisweet chocolate I still found the icing taste overpowered by the dark chocolate regardless the amount of sugar.. I mean I added the 2 sticks of butter and confectioner sugar as per the recipe.. also the hot water.. what exactly did I do wrong? and is there a way to fix this overpowering taste of dark chocolate?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Good question, and I am sorry this happened to you, but you learned a good lesson about measuring in see….because 1 cup of water does not weigh the same as 1 cup of chocolate. If volume measure is what you going for (and one I do not advise, as I prefer everyone move to the WEIGHTS measuring system for NO FAIL results every time)
      Your first problem was to google how many ounces in a cup. As I mentioned there are 8 ounces in a cup- but 1 cup of chocolate only WEIGHS 6 ounces

      Again, because the volume measuring system is so full of ways to make errors, but I try to make it all as simple as possible here, so if you must use the cups measure, then what you were to do was break up the chocolate into small chunks to fill 1 cup. All brands of chocolate are sold in different forms, very common for baking chocolate is to be found in what is called Pistolettes, little chips almost that fill a cup nicely, but you mentioned bars, so….typically when melting chocolate you must break those bars up into smaller pieces for even melting, thus filling the cup easily at the same time. (again- very inferior method, but so many people insist on using this archaic system so it is normal to have inconsistent results when using it)

  19. Nadia says

    Thank you Gretchen for these AWESOME tutorials!!!

    One question about fudge icing … when do you use fudge icing and when do you use ganache?

    Obviously ganache is much more runny and for pouring etc, but what about whipped ganache, where you cool the ganache and then whip it in the mixer? How might fudge icing compare in flavor and application to something like whipped ganache?

    Then I saw that you fill cakes with chocolate mousse too … so I am just trying to understand what the rule is for when to use each (fudge icing, ganache, whipped ganache, chocolate mousse).

    I know it is partially personal preference but I tend to make things too sweet and too rich, so I am trying to make find combinations that can be unanimously enjoyed!

    Thanks so much Gretchen!!!

    • Gretchen Price says

      Hi Thanks
      I use fudge icing when the customer wants fudge, and I use ganache when the customer wants ganache.
      There are no rules. It is purely preference

  20. Shalini says

    hi gretchen,

    i m vry much new to this baking thing….could u plz tell me if we don’t ve cornsyrup then wht else can we use….

  21. kamila says

    I love your recipes
    I wish you could add printing option to your recipes- would make live much easier. But thanks for sharing anyway.

  22. janet moazzam says

    hi gretchen not sure if u have noticed but on your fudge icing recipe ( cissy) you state heavy cream twice is this a mistake coz u been doing the recipes at 2am again? lol

    • Gretchen Price says

      HI Thanks for checking me, but if you read the blog post- the mix method- it says:
      At this point you will add the second reserved portion of heavy cream and use more of it or less of it depending on how you want your consistency.

      So no, it is not an error

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