Fresh Watermelon Cake

Surprise! Nope it’s not April Fool’s Day, although this may pass for an April Fool’s Joke, it is no joke!
This is a natural, diabetic (?) friendly “cake” recipe to cool you off this summer!
The original idea came from Real Housemamas on facebook. They actually have a different recipe for the icing, but I thought to keep it fairly healthy with the Fresh Whipped Cream as an icing instead. Feel free to play around with this idea and make it your own as I did!

As I mentioned in the video, I did have some trouble with the whipped cream icing “sticking” to the cake, which is why I think the original recipe for the sugary icing on Housemamas page would be a bit more like “glue”. But my method of piping the whipped cream onto the “cake” rather than spreading it with a spatula as we would a normal cake, worked out just fine.

Remember to towel off any excess moisture from the watermelon as much as possible before adding the icing.


    Being summer here in Australia over Christmas, this is a great idea!! Watermelon cake it is this Christmas!! Awesome idea!

  • jeshera

    Amazingly simple! Gotta try this!..thanks.

  • Sheeba

    Just want to say thankyou for responding.

  • Sheeba

    Its ok…my daughters bday happens to b on 21 sep 2013…so thought of trying it out. No problem I wil try your other cake recipe…but do let me know when you are with it.

  • Sheeba

    Hi its long time I am waiting for ur video recipe of mirror glaze cake….???

    • Gretchen Price

      Its on the list (but it is not quite priority for me right now Im sorry to say!) Fall is happening and all the fall and holidays cakes and recipes have to come first!

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