Effortless Installing Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

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Decorative Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures

Outdoor flood light fixtures are in good working order needing not be replaced if you want lights with motion sensor in place. Instead of throwing a good lamp, adapt their existing flood lights flood lights to motion using a motion sensor plug. A socket screws in its motion sensor light sockets to existing motion detection functions are added instantly to your existing flood lights.


1 Remove existing reflector lamp bulbs. You will use these same bulbs again, so put them in a safe place while you work.

2 Insert plug with motion sensor in one of light sockets and turn counterclockwise to clockwise to screw it into socket. Continue rotating motion sensor socket in place until it is turned over.

3 Place end outdoor flood light fixtures bulb in socket of motion sensor. Turn counterclockwise to clockwise to screw it into socket.

4 Add a motion sensor plug across projector apparatus, because most outdoor flood light fixtures come with two bulbs. You must use a motion sensor making each bulb in lamp.

5 Flip light switch for your flood lights move to “On” position and leave it there. Motion sensor detects motion and turn on light bulbs. When motion stops, light will turn off after four minutes.

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