Design Of Wall Sconce With Switch

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Wall Sconce With Switch Decor

Mounting wall sconce with switch for candles can give a room or hallway larger or wider sense. They are used to accentuate and enhance existing lighting in a room. Mostly decorative, wall sconces are available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Once you have found the love light, you may have to design all the space around.

Cut a hole for the wall sconce with switch .Strip the wires in the wall sconce place, the location of the switch and the panel box. Assemble and install the wall light according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect the black wire wall lamp black cable to the electrical box turning orange wire connector on cables. Install the switch. Tighten the screws. Turn orange connector cable to the two white wires in the electrical switch box to connect them together, and connect the two bare copper wires together with a wire connector also orange.

Install the 15-amp single-pole wall sconce with switch for the lighting circuit in the switch panel. Fit the switch on the switch panel, sliding back into the slot and take the lead on the central bar bus. Turn the back panel switch on the main switch on top of the electrical box.

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