Decorating a Red Velvet Cake


You can feel free to fill and ice your cake as you wish, but here at Woodland Bakery we sure do sell alot of them in this style!
Cream Cheese Icing Filled, and Buttercream Iced!

For an 8″ Red Velvet Cake
You Will Need:
1 recipe Red Velvet Cake
1/2 recipe Cream Cheese Icing
1/2 recipe Swiss Buttercream


  1. Hope says

    I’m sorry for asking another question but how much cake do you think I would need to grind up in the food processor for the garnish. It’s ok if you don’t answer you have already helped me a lot and thank you for that. Your amazing! Thanks

  2. Hope says

    Hi again Gretchen. I’m going to be making your Red Velvet Cake for my friends birthday. I was wondering if the cream cheese icing and red velvet cake taste good with the butter cream. I don’t know because I’ve never tried red velvet cake or cream cheese icing. So I’d appreciate it if you could tell me. Thank you for all your time.

  3. lu torres says

    I did this cake and it was a hit thank you…but here is the thing i use cake flour and i think it was too heavy.( just me). i know this is a dumb question but is regular flour better than cake flour?? will it make it lighter?? is just that is was on sale..lolol for my first time it was awesome but heavy.


    • Gretchen Price says

      AP flour absorbs more liquid than cake flour, that is why it was heavy. This is a very liquidy batter so its best to stick to the recipe (or you get negative results)

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