Chocolate Mousse Cake

Yes that’s right, there is no ONE single magical recipe that when you pop it into the oven it comes out looking like this!

Youwill in fact have to start a couple days in advance (to make easy work of it all) and prepare your 4 recipes needed to create this fabulous Professional Bakery Style Cake in less than 10 minutes!

You will amaze your friends and family with the ease at which you “Slap it all together!”

You will Need:

1 Recipe Chocolate Cake
1 Recipe Simple Ganache or Shiny Ganache For Glazing Cakes it is your option which you prefer to use.
1 Recipe Chocolate Whipped Cream
and 1 Recipe Chocolate Mousse

Of course you can go ahead and prepare one recipe after another all in one day, and by 9pm you may have this fabulous cake, but you will most likely be too exhausted to enjoy it!

That is why I recommend preparing as much in advance as possible.
You can bake your cake layers as much as a week (or even 2 weeks like I do sometimes!) in advance, just be sure to wrap them properly for freezing. See this video demo on how I do that. How to Wrap Cake for Freezer Storage
Next prepare the Chocolate Mousse, this is an absolute MUST to prepare in advance because you will need it to firm up for at least a half day before it is firm enough to use inside your cake.
Then Ganache will need to be made and then of course the Whipped Cream. DO not make the Whipped Cream until the DAY YOU ARE ASSEMBLING your cake!!
Everything else though, can be done several DAYS in advance.

Once you have your Mise en Place arsenal of recipes in place, you can proceed as I demonstrate in this following video for how to make the BEST CHOCOLATE MOUSSE CAKE OF YOUR LIFE!!

The finished chocolate mousse cake must be kept refrigerated and will stay fresh for up to 4 days.
Once you cut into the cake, the shelf life is less, just about a day or 2.


  1. Eesh says

    Hi Gretchen!

    I tried this recipe today and OMG it was the best choc cake ever!! So moist and light. Will definitely be a staple in our household! Thanks x

  2. Debra says

    Hello Gretchen! I would like to use this cake as a top layer for a birthday cake. Do you think I could wrap a fondant bow at the base? I’m thinking I would have to chill the cake first. What would be the best way to attach the bow? I’m trying to avoid covering the whole cake in fondant. Thank you!

  3. Samar says

    Hi sweetie
    I am from dubai
    I adore watching your vedioes and follow the reciepies
    And tried to do it happy with the results
    I would be grateful if you could get me the reciepies of
    Shiny ganache glaze as I have a corn syrip and apricot jam
    But can you advise when I can add these two to the ganacthe
    Thanks and regards

  4. Catina says

    Hi. Luv your video recipes !! I want to make this cake but am wondering if I can serve it straight out of the fridge or if it needs to sit out for awhile at room temp before serving. Does it get too firm to serve just from sitting in the fridge overnite ? I live on an island and its quite warm and humid. I usually have to use a stabalizer like vanila pudding mix just to get my whipped cream to stiff peaks. I’m afraid if I have to let it sit out too long the mousse won’t hold up for slicing. Would appreciate our advise.

  5. says

    Hi Gretchen, I have made this cake 2x’s and both times have had problems with it coming out very flat. I am maticulious about following every step but they both only come out to be about 1 inch tall each and I just throw it away because I can’t make a cake that is half the height that it should be. I have experience baking and this is just frustrating me time and time again. What could this be causing this?
    Frustrated in NH

  6. ariel says

    I have been making your recipe s and started a bakery! It has inspired me. Thank check on face book and look up enchanted delights. Thanks!

  7. Sarah says

    Hi, I am planning to make this cake for my mom’s birthday in two days and I was wondering if you fill and ice the cake while it’s frozen or would you thaw the cake before doing that? Thank you for all your amazing recipes and hard work! You inspire me to bake :D

  8. Roseann says

    Hi Gretchen,

    I love your blog and your recipes. I have learned so much from you and appreciate it very much. Does your French Chocolate Mousse recipe freeze well?

    • Gretchen Price says

      I prefer to freeze this mousse after it is IN whatever cake I am using it for. I don’t like so much to freeze it in bulk, the use it later. It works, its just not my preference

    • Gretchen Price says

      Not yet, but I am working on it! That’s my next mission in life! I have been testing and researching and learning as much as possible about gluten free and VEGAN baking, so stay tuned! I am hoping my crazy bakery schedule will let up soon and I can get a minute to concentrate on some new things!

  9. Samantha says

    Hi Getchen, I’m Samantha from Malaysia. I made this lovely chocolate mousse cake following your recipe for my dad’s birthday. Everyone loves it! And they were so amazed that I baked it just by following an online video recipe!! Thank you! You made it possible! Love your work!

  10. carla says

    Hi gretchen! I just foud your videos in YouTube they are awsome! I just tried this cake and I loved it, I had a little problem though my whipped cream was a little bit runny. Could that be because I may have over whip the cream? Saludos from Mexico!

  11. Pam says

    Hi Gretchen,

    Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Just a quick questtion, would it be possible to substitute your chocolate cake with a chocolate sponge cake? I am in love with the sponge cake. Would the cake hold up?


  12. Anna says

    When i put my cakes in the fridge the sponge gets hard and even after letting it sit out it doesn’t return back to a soft cake. Why is this happening and how do you keep that from happening?

    • Gretchen Price says

      Please read WHAT IS CAKE
      And please don’t forget, we are making SCRATCH cakes here, if your only comparison is to a Boxed cake (with tons of chemicals and preservatives to keep the cake fresh for weeks) then you are not comparing apples to apples

  13. Kaitlyn says

    Hi! Do you know how long the mousse and cake will last? I am trying to make a cake with a mousse filling but I need to decorate it over a week time spam. I don’t want to mousse and cake to become soggy because I left it to long.

    • Gretchen Price says

      The finished chocolate mousse cake must be kept refrigerated and will stay fresh for up to 4 days.
      Once you cut into the cake, the shelf life is less, just about a day or 2.

    • Gretchen Price says

      Any bar chocolate will do, and you can grate it with a vegetable peeler, or shave it with a knife

  14. Ashmita says

    hi gretchen
    this cake looks simply wow. i wanna try it but what i want to know is do you cool the chocolate ganache in the refrigerator before pouring it over whipped cream or is it at room temperature?

    • Gretchen Price says

      It is not hot (or it would melt the whipped cream) but it has to be semi warm or it wouldn’t pour properly

  15. Charlie says

    Gretchen gonna make this cake….I have a cheesecake bakery in long for this cake and some of the other ones how do you figure out how much to sell them for….cause i think im undercharging….would 13.00 for an 8 inch version of this be in the ballpark…

  16. Katarina says

    The ganache recipe makes 4 cups, do I need all of it, and if I do what would the correct measurements be for a 1/2 cup of ganache (chocolate whipped cream)?

  17. Kristin says

    Im making this cake for my boyfriend for valentines day im making all the parts to the cake today and assembling it tomorrow how should i store everything and also once i assemble it all tomorrow can i keep it in the refrigerator until serving it?

  18. Michelle says

    I’m making a cake for my four year olds birthday so I got one of those pictures that you put on top of the cake so it’ll absorb into the frosting. Do you know if it’ll soak in if I put it on top of a ganache frosted cake?

    • Gretchen Price says

      I always put a thin layer of buttercream icing to prevent the picture from dissolving in Cream Cheese Icing/ Ganache Icing/ Whipped Cream Icing– they are all too much moisture and will dissolve your picture if you do not use buttercream as a sheild

  19. Minnie says

    Hello. Would the mousse recipe be the same if I were to only use a thin bottom layer of cake (like a cheese cake except with mousse)? I wanted to make it like the Japanese mousse cake you would see at an Asian bakery. How long can I leave it out of the fridge? I wanted to make and bring some to school but idk if I’m able to leave it out… What about if I made it with your white chocolate mousse with the gelatin instead?

  20. Mario Engels says

    Hi Gretchen,i would like to thank you for all the time,work and love you put into your blog,recipes and Videos.I am a visuell Person,so it helps me a lot to see the Videos after i read the recipes.I`ve baked a lot till yet,and I never thought I would bake sometimes,but you inspired me.And now it makes such a lot of fun and all goes very well.Thank you so much and please go on.Sorry for my english.I think theres a lot of mistakes in it.Best wishes from Germany :)

  21. Christina says

    Hi Gretchen, I like to bake cakes for special occasions and I like to them over to my grandmother’s
    house it s about 1 and half hours away without traffic. I was wondering how long will whipped cream base ingredients last in room temperature without weeping or making they cakes soggy.

    • Gretchen Price says

      and hour and a half in winter temperatures will be fine, anything above 50 degrees F- I would be wary of the travel time, not to mention letting it stay out longer when you get there. Whipped cream needs to stay cold all the time

    • Gretchen Price says

      I cannot answer this because I have no idea how fast you work.
      I could do it all in about 2 hours (give time for cooling you know)

  22. Katarina says

    On this page it gives you two options for the ganache, which one is better for this cake and does one taste better then the other?

    • Gretchen Price says

      they are very similar in taste, one is a shiny ganache (more lengthy process) for glazing cakes, for a finished shiny sheem, the other ganache is called simple ganache and it sets a little bit dull.
      “Better” is a matter of opinion

  23. Brenda says

    Hi Gretchen,
    Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and videotaping. They are superb. It has inspired me so much to make cakes. I have made your chocolate mousse cake so many times now and it has been delicious. The only problem I keep having is piping the rosette from the chocolate whipped cream on top of the cake. They never form firm with sharp ridges like yours. I have tried whipping the cream just to the point of stiffness before it turns to butter but still when I pipe the rosette with the large rose tip, it barely holds its shape. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Should I add a cake stabilizer of some sort? I thought the chocolate ganache was enough to stabilize the whipping cream. Thanks.

    • Gretchen Price says

      Thank you! I am so happy you have been inspired to BAKE!!! YAY!
      I do not use a stabilizer in my Choco Whipped Cream, and I never have trouble. What kind of cream are you using? What % fat do you get?
      Read Heavy Cream

      • Brenda says

        Hi Gretchen,

        I’m using 33% heavy cream, that is all I could find at the store. That must be the problem. Thank you!

  24. Luba says

    Hi, Gretchen. I need some advice on making a Gnoise Pumpkin Mousse Cake for Thanksgiving. It is Tuesday and I have successfully baked the Gnoise. I would like to store the Gnoise but am not sure what the best method is. OR would it be wiser to finish the cake today and store it in the fridge until this Thursday? Is two days in the fridge too long, ruin the texture, dull the mousse?? My first time making it and want it to be perfect. Any tips. Thank you!

  25. Bernhard says

    Hi Gretchen
    My aunt is going to celebrate her 60th birthday, and after i made this cake for my birthday she asked me to make one 10inch cake. how much filling and icing do i need to make, and how much cake batter do i need? Thank you for all the great work.

  26. William says

    I read your comment that the cake can be refrigerated for 3 days after making it. I was just wondering if the cake cake be put in the freezer after making it, to store it for a longer time, and then thawed prior to being served?

    • Gretchen Price says

      yes of course, but once you freeze a cake iced with ganache, you will have some condensation and possibly dripping of the chocolate as it thaws out

  27. Maria says

    I made your recipie of choc cake and i dont know why my cake is lower than yours. Its like the two first layers but the third is not. I wanna know if the density of the cake will change. Please answer soon, thanks

  28. Lennette says

    Hello so I actual made this recipe for the first time. I realize a couple of mistakes I’ve made. Now I’ve never tasted chocolate mousse cake so I wouldn’t know how my cake is suppose to taste. So I ate a slice of the cake and it taste like a really strong dark chocolate. Is that the taste of the cake.

  29. Hania says

    Hi Gretchen. First of all I would like to thank you for your recipies and such detailed instructions. Your videos are the best and also am in love with your SMBC. Thanl you for sharing it with us.
    I have a question. I want to make this chocolate mousse cake but am afraid that I will melt the whipped cream when I pour the ganache if it is too hot or may be the ganache will set before it covers the cake fully if my cake is too cold. So please give me an idea as to how to check the temperature of the cake and the ganache both to get it all right in my first try.
    Thank you again.

  30. clau says

    Tomorrow it’s my birthday and I made the chocolate mousse yesterday. It takes soooo good! Today I will bake my cake and I will do a mix of this cake and the cookies and creme one. Yummy!!! Love you Gretchen!

  31. Stephanie says

    I finally made this amazing cake after watching the video about 10 times!! Took it to a friends for lunch and she said its the best chocolate cake she has ever had. Took the leftovers to my in-laws for dinner and they fell in love with it. It was the first time I have ever made merangue or whipped cream (for the mousse) and they turn our perfect, even with my sad little hand mixer. :). I made the Swiss Buttercream instead of the chocolate whipped cream because I had a long drive. You’re right Grethcen…I will NEVER make the standard buttercream ever again. Your recipe is perfection!!! Thanks for sharing your professional secrets with us! Thanks from Oregon!!

  32. says

    im a woosie insider and i joined a little while after you firts came out so i was wanderng do we get all the old woodie insider tips if you joined a little bit later than i did

  33. C.D.C Gomez says

    I am just enjoying al ur wonderful recipes ,which makes me veryyyy happy ‘love u Gretchen
    u are the best.

  34. Emily says

    Hi Gretchen! First off all thank you for all the great tips and recipes you give us! You are truly AMAZING!

    I am thinking of doing this recipe for a school competition called ‘Bake Off’ And I was wondering how many days does this cake keep for? As it contains Whipped Cream. However if you could suggest another one of YOUR recipes for me to do instead of this one which would it be? I’d like it to be fairly easy, quick and for it to be able to keep for about a week maybe?


    • Gretchen Price says

      Direct from the blog post:
      DO not make the Whipped Cream until the DAY YOU ARE ASSEMBLING your cake!!
      Everything else though, can be done several DAYS in advance.

      The whole cake will stay good in the fridge for up to 3 days

  35. Shayna says

    Hi Gretchen, this is the first time I have frozen a cake and the first time I will be making the chocolate mouse cake. It makes me nervous to use a frozen cake and then frosting it still frozen. I was wondering if I will have any problems as the cake begins to defrost? Will the ganache and whipped cream become to moist from the condensation and slide off the cake?
    Thank You

    • Gretchen Price says

      I do not ice my cake frozen solid. By the time I get to the icing after it has been sliced, filled, crumb coated etc it is no longer frozen.

  36. Melinda Hubbartt says

    Hi, what tip are you using for your chocolate cool whip on top/inbetween?
    This cake looks amazing!

  37. says

    Gretchen, I love your recipes you are posting and your tutorials. I want to make your chocolate mousse cake, but before I do, I have a question. When you put the mousse filling between the layers, and then stack the second layer, does the filling squish out from between the layers? I wondered how firm the mousse is, and as the cake sits, does the filling dissolve into the layers? I have never seen a cake like it, or made one, and I can’t wait to taste it. Thank you for sharing your love of baking with us.


  38. Bonnie says

    Omg Gretchen this cake was AMAZING. I totally see how this is one of the biggest sellers at your bakery. My family said it was the best cake they have ever had. I am so glad I finally made this.

  39. Maria says

    Gretchen, your are awesome. I have learned a lot from you. I used to bake cakes from boxes bought in the store but not anymore since I started to see your recipes and videos. All your cakes are my favorite but Chocolate Mousse Cake is my first one. Thanks for sharing all your recipes with us. God Bless You.

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