Checkerboard Rainbow Cake

Now remember you do not have to make this checkerboard cake rainbow style like I did, you can simply use Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cake to make the pattern.
Along with some Swiss Buttercream, and you are on you way to really impressive cake building!

For the Rainbow Cake as shown in the video below,
You will Need:

1 Recipe White Cake- divided into 6 bowls and colored for the rainbow as show in this video How to Make A Rainbow Cake
1 Recipe Swiss Buttercream

Rainbow Sprinkles or Non Pariels to decorate as needed.

Watch this video on How to Assemble the Checkerboard Cake


  1. Quentin Voccia says

    Hi Gretchen, would this cake look good with Easter colors like pink, green, blue, white, yellow, etc.

  2. Cynthia says

    Thks Gretchen, l really enjoyed the rainbow coloured checkerboard cake. I would like to replicate this however rather than a round cake I would like to make a square cake. Would that work?

    (Australia -NSW)

  3. Laura says

    Hi Gretchen

    Love your videos, where can we buy the ring cutters that you have used for this checkerboard cake?


  4. Carly says

    Hey Gretchen :)
    If I was to use the chocolate and vanilla cakes, do I do half of the recipes since the whole ones would come out with 4 thick layers?

  5. Jessie says

    Hey Ms Gretchen,
    I saw on your facebook page that you were taking in requests of what to make. I don’t have a facebook page but i relly want you to see my requests. Can you please make some chocolate muffins or ice cream. My mom bought me some tools that I’m excited to use like the ice cream machine.
    Please, I hope you see this.

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