Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods Ideas

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Modern Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods

Ceiling mount curtain rods can make a small window look larger or given the option to hang curtains in a space where traditional wall bar is not viable. Instead of placing the mounting hardware on each side or just above the window frame, the hardware is attached to the ceiling. The curtains give the illusion of a window from floor to ceiling, which can make a dramatic statement in any room. Proper installation ensures not pull rod loose from the ceiling and focuses correctly.

Measure the top of the window ceiling mount curtain rods, from a corner of the crop window to the other. Choose a curtain rod that is 4 to 6 longer than the upper window frame inches. Measurement 4 inches from where the roof meets the wall above a corner of the window. Make a pencil mark on the place. Repeat for the other corner of the window and put a pencil mark on the ceiling there.

Hold the mounting bracket against the ceiling mount curtain rods in one of the marked points. Drilling a pilot ΒΌ inch hole through the screw hole in the support. Attach the mounting bracket by screwing one molly bolt into the hole. Molly bolts having a coating of plastic or metal that opens and anchor drywall, ensuring the mounting hardware is secure.

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