Coconut Custard Cupcakes


That’s right, Coconut Custard Cupcakes! A play on the classic Coconut Custard pie in CUPCAKE FORM! Delicate coconut sponge cake filled with vanilla custard and then topped with toasted coconut buttercream! Be sure to make the whole batch of 2dz……. you won’t be sorry you did! 5 from 1 reviews Coconut Custard Cupcakes   Print […]

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cake


Tons of strawberries showed up in the supermarket this week. How could I pass them up? Often times the sight or smell of something can spark my creativity and I came up with this Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cake. For some reason I got visions of a black tie Tuxedo event and the strawberry’s just pulled […]

Red Velvet Mousse Cake


It just isn’t Valentine’s Day unless you have Red Velvet SOMETHING! And this Red Velvet Mousse Cake is definitely SOMETHING! This is not your typical chocolate mousse recipe which has a whipped cream component. While this is mousse-like in it’s texture and structure, it is more dense and firm upon setting; making it really great […]

Hot Cocoa Cupcakes


What to do with those leftover candy canes from the Christmas? How about this cute and easy cupcake? Not only do these cupcakes look like a mug of Hot Cocoa, but I have spiked up my Chocolate Cake recipe with some Cayenne Pepper! Hot Cocoa Cupcakes with a bite!  Of course you can leave out […]