Attractive 12v Led Light Fixtures

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12v Led Light Fixtures Car

As just indicated a reader of this blog when working with 12v led light fixtures is appropriate to make some technical considerations. It is a current argument because it is closely related to the issue of low voltage systems powered by photovoltaic panels and also energy saving. In many cases, using 12V ​​instead of 220V brings great benefits as you can see in my previous article “12V Illuminating my laboratory. ” Now let’s look at the technical issues that need to be considered.

An installation of low voltage direct current 12v led light fixtures to keep the power used in a similar 220V has the defect that requires us to significantly increase the current that moves to compensate for the lack of tension as I explain throughout this article. For our calculations I will use Ohm’s Law, their formulas and the formula derived power.

However a system with 12v led light fixtures is attractive in many ways; the high currents necessary require the central source is capable of supplying them. In the case of short circuit anywhere in the circuit, the current delivered remarkable creates the risk of burning cables and / or connectors. The most obvious case is when online is a connected battery.

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