About Gretchen Price

gretchen_priceHey Guys! Welcome to my wonderful world of cake and all things sweet!

I am a Culinary Institute of America graduate (1997) with 20+ years experience in the professional bakery industry.  10 of those most recent years were spent as the owner of Woodland Bakery in Chatham NJ.

My passion (next to baking amazing desserts) is to teach you how to make and bake professional style bakery cakes and pastries right in your own home while learning THE SCIENCE of why it is all happening, and sometimes NOT HAPPENING!  Yikes! LOL

I share all the secret tips and tricks that many of those other chefs prefer to conveniently leave out of their recipes which leave you wondering, “Whatever have I done wrong?”

Wonder No More! I am active daily on Facebook and of course right here everyday too! I personally answer every single one of your questions and help guide you through to fabulous pastry perfection!
Not to mention I seem to have the BEST recipes on the internet!

Stick around! This ride is going to be SWEET!

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  • Richard

    Hi Gretchen, I’m one of those silent followers. But in this time of the year I just couldn’t pass without wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Joyful and Successful New Year!
    To finish, this year I have one total stranger to thanks to: my Christmas table will be full of delicious cakes, and a beautiful Yule Log cake, I’m filling my family with those smiles that only good desserts and cakes can… I’m learning the way I like: “why it happens”, and just having lots of fun around the bench! So: thank you Gretchen, and of course thanks to all you’re team, wish you all the best of lucks.

    Best wishes,

    • Gretchen Price

      Hi Richard! Thank you so much for your support and for the Merry Wish! Same to you and yours! I am so happy you are LOVING the LEARNING! Stay tuned for more this coming year, we think this will be OUR YEAR to shine!

  • Glen

    Hi Gretchen,

    My daughter (although she’s just 6), and I love all your videos.. I have been busy with work to miss all your updates in the blog. But I’m back now and it saddens me in a way, that you already sold Woodland Bakery? Is that true? Anyway, congratulations on your early retirement and new career of being our baking educator in http://WWW.. Wish you all the best this Christmas as well as for the many many sweet years to come!

    • Gretchen Price

      ALREADY???? 10 years of no days off and 12-15 hours a day was not enough??? LOL
      Well thanks, but I am in no way retired! I have been working just as hard if not harder with this blog and the videos since I left the bakery, the only difference is that I LOVE this more than anything I have ever done.
      So thanks for the support, I am glad you and your daughter like to watch! Merry Christmas to you too!

  • manisha

    Hi Gretchen,

    Wish you, Jason and your team Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Best wishes always

    • Gretchen Price

      Thank you!

  • Allie

    Hi Gretchen,
    Right now I’m a student in college pursuing a pharmacy degree, although my true passion lies in baking. I love creating all sorts of desserts and sweets for family and friends to enjoy. As of lately I’ve been doubting my decision to go to school for pharmacy and instead wish I could one day work in a bakery/possibly own one myself. Do you have any tips on how I could possibly get started on that route? It’s my passion but I have no clue on how to get on the right road to it! Any tips would be great!
    Thanks so much for all your great videos. They’ve been so informative and have helped me improve my skills greatly.
    Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

    • Gretchen Price

      Hi There, well my only advice it to follow your heart. I can give you all of my experiences and my journey through school to now….I did write an ebook that explains all of it and how and why I made certain choices. Many have found it valuable information (since I have gotten many emails such as what you just posted!)
      Check it out you may find it helpful!

      • Allie

        Thank you so very much! I always find myself so unsure of myself right now. I will definitely check out your ebook! Thanks so much and for being such a great inspiration to me :)

  • manisha

    Hi Gretchen,

    I have a home based cake and baked goods business. Now i am planning to go larger. All this while I was using small amounts recipes. Now i will surely require recipes for larger amounts. Could you guide me which books or website i can refer to scale up my recipes to accommodate large quantity orders? Your guidance will be of great help.

    • Gretchen Price

      Hey there, most recipes can be multiplied up with no adjustments, it is all trial and error to see what works best for you and with the equipment you have to go higher volume.

      • manisha

        many thanx. really appreciate all your help always.

  • Brody

    Hi Gretchen,
    I couldn’t help but to notice that Woodland Bakery’s website is under construction.
    According to the website, the owner seems to be Lori Moro–are you not the owner anymore?

    • Gretchen Price

      I sold the bakery in September

  • Ryver

    Hi Gretchen big fan of your blog, really encouraged me to try new things. I was wondering if you have any suggestions for adapting a wet cookie batter, like peanut butter, so that it could be rolled out for cookie cutters.

    • Gretchen Price

      Great Thanks! Cookies that are meant to be scooped cannot be rolled

  • Natalie Woods

    Hi Gretchen,
    I live in Australia and I love watching your youtube videos. Am wondering if you have any advice for making buttercream in hot climates. I made cupcakes for my daughters birthday last week and the buttercream melted within about 15 minutes. They weren’t in direct sunlight either but it was humid and hot, about 30’C. Is there anything I can use instead of butter that may hold better?

    • Gretchen Price

      Hi there thank you for the support for watching my channel, have you tried all shortening??

  • Rachel

    Hi Gretchen,
    I’ve been baking my Grandmother’s fudgy mint brownies (very similar to your recipe) for years and they have always been a major hit. I have always baked small batches at 350 for 22 minutes. For larger batches, I’m now using a 12×18; still at 350 for the same time. 90% of the brownie is perfect and fudgy, but I’m noticing the bottom is overcooked. Any idea what could be causing this? Simple overcooking or should I possibly lower the temp slightly? Thanks, Rachel M.

    • Gretchen Price

      Try using a double sheet pan to protect the bottom next time

  • Amanda

    Hey Gretchen! its Amanda again just letting you know you really ARE an inspiration! my family would always tell me to further my career in being a pastry chef and i honestly would just be lazy and not do anything about it ! but since i found out about you my whole life turned around! i see you laugh and having fun in doing what you do and love and that just makes me so jealous! lol! you are a wonder baker and a wonder person! i just wanted to let you know that you just changed someones life for the better! i RSVP’d for an open house for the Arts Institute of Las Vegas!(: i am very excited! thank you so much gretchen and hopefully when i finally achieve my goal in being a pastry chef and own my own bakery maybe we can swap ideas and recipes! ide love to work beside you! thank you again gretchen!

    Lots Of Love,

  • Connie

    HI Gretchen. I have a question. I am making my first wedding cake at the request of my daughter. I have been struggling with the fillings. I need a chocolate filling and strawberry filling. I am covering the layers with fondant. My concern is this, if I use a mousse I will need to keep the cake refrigerated. Because I am SLOW at decorating and very meticulous, I am thinking I need a filling that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Any suggestions? I have been all over your site. And I have been searching the internet for help.
    Love your recipes…..
    Thanks for your help Connie

    • Gretchen Price

      I guess I would stick to the buttercream then.


    Dear Gretchen,
    I’m so glad I discovered your website today. I’ve been practicing my cupcake techniques & recipes and it was fun to watch you explain how to make a lemon curd (I made one yesterday) and how to make a buttercream with swiss meringue, which I’ve made this morning ;-). I’ve enjoyed your videos, it’s well done ;-)
    I have one question which you might have had already, here it is: do you have a trick to be sure that your cupcake mix never dissociates (ingredients separate, or butter/eggs make grains)?
    I always whisk butter (room temperature) first, then I add sugar, then eggs (room temperature) and sometimes it doesn’t come smooth at all, I know it’s all about chemistry but don’t know how to fix it.
    Many thanks for your answer.
    Marina from France

    • Gretchen Price

      Hello and thank you, I have not had this trouble so it seems I never needed a “fix” I’m sorry I could not help here.

  • Diana Whitley

    Thank you just doesn’t seem enough. I truly appreciate your video tutorials, recipes and passion for your art. I am so, so happy to have found your site on the net. I originally found you on Crumb Boss. Again, thank you. I am a home based business and love what I do as well! ;)

    • Gretchen Price


  • Amanda

    Hello Gretchen(:
    I’ve recently just finished watching all of your videos and i have to say YOU inspire me!(: I am 20 years old but when i was younger my mom and my aunts had a bakery called “Mom’s Bakery”. they ended up stopping and packed up the place due to (i guess) some disagreements. I just wanted to ask if you can give me tips on how to really further my career in being a Pastry Chef. I REALLY want baking to be my career and open up a bakery myself. baking has always been my thing . i love the look on peoples faces when they taste my creation!(: it really brings a huge smile to my face!!!! so i beg of you please please please pleeeease help me! haha. well i really hope to be hearing from you soon! thank you so much!!!

    Amanda Serrano

    • Gretchen Price

      Sounds like you have the passion! That’s really all you need!
      Have you checked out my Ebook?
      The Gretchen Price Guide to Owning a Bakery
      It talks about all the steps I went through from getting to school and through to now in owning Woodland Bakery

      • Amanda

        one last thing! haha, what is the name of the knife that you cut your cakes with? the really long one? my nephews 1st birthday is coming up and my sister wants me to make a yo gabba gabba tier cake for about 50-70 people. i want to make it look really nice ! and that knife would be a real big help with the layering!

        • Gretchen Price

          its a serrated knife

          • Amanda

            Yay! bought the knife!!! thank you gretchen!

  • debbie

    Hi Gretchen, I was wondering it you would put your crumb cake recipe on the web. It looks delicious, I’ve try most of your recipes. My family just love the cookie dough brownies. Keep up the videos. Debbie

  • MasseyGirl

    Gretchen Price! I have to say you are an amazing person for sharing your wonderful recipes with us and helping many of us become superior home bakers. I am in Detroit, MI and I have Woodland Bakery Blog as my homepage on my computer. Anytime I have a cake order or I want to bake something I run to you. You have taught me sooo much and I am extremely grateful! Thank you so much for doing this you will no doubt be blessed. You have made me a Rockstar amongst my family members as they have never had SMB or poured fondant. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! much Love P. Massey

  • Derek

    Gretchen…By the way… the Bun Crumb recipe would be nice! ;-)

    You are an inspiration and you have re-sparked my enthusiasm to bake again. I was soo burned out !

    You’re awesome lady !


  • Derek

    Hi ,
    would you mind sharing “the day in the life” of the bakery. For instance, your day-to-day operations of how you minimize waste, organize and bake for the high volume that you produce. I know that you freeze a lot for building on recipes. But my main question is how to you keep up with the demand, pricing, keeping the store stocked everyday Number of items you make for that day or even better yet, additional orders that you have to fulfill that are not allocated specifically for the shop and what you are doing with your waste. I have tried it in the past and wasted TONS of money because I was not managing correctly and I also worked myself to a pulp. How do you handle all of that alone. Ultimately, I need your gracious mentoring. I would be very appreciative. Thanks much ! Derek

  • Ginny

    Love fanny she’s the coolest “biggest fan” isn’t she alittle on short side…hehe!
    Glad she keeps you cool!

  • Ardis

    Gretchen so glad to see your still on YouTube. I tried your swiss buttercream and I have to say
    That ” it’s the best frosting I’ve ever tasted!” You’re a very special lady, we all appreicate your hard work and keeping us informed with your recipes and technical advise. Keep up the positive attitude! You’re inspiration to all of us. Like this camera guy too!

  • Jennifer

    Hello. I love your website and videos! I need some help. My friend is having a 15th bday party for her daughter and asked me to make the cakes for 300 people. I do cakes for fun. This is a big one :-) I wanted to make the inside of the cake look like zebra with white, chocolate and blue. Which of your recipes would you recommend I use for the white cake? Would I just add ditch chocolate to the white mix to make the chocolate?
    Thank you

    • Gretchen Price

      Yes exactly

  • heidi

    Love your blog and videos. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all of these in addition to running a bakery! Wish NJ wasn’t so far from Delaware. I was wondering do you have a list of the recipes that are in your ebook? Thanks so much again for the wonderful resources you are providing for everyone.

  • Valentina Sweetman

    Hi, I once got a recipe online for your crumb cake (not the one you sell in the store but close to it) but I can’t locate it any more. Can you please help direct me to it or give me the recipe? By the way, you got the best tasting Danish in NJ!

    Thank you,
    Valentina Sweetman

    • Gretchen Price

      Thank you! Have you been to the store since I reopened????
      I sent the recipe to your inbox

  • Ginny

    My beautiful husband got me a kitchen aid mixer for our 31 wedding anniversary today! Now I can be just like Gretchen :)

  • SandrA

    Can u substitute for honey instead of corn syrup in your modelling chocolate recipe?

    • Gretchen Price

      can you get glucose?

  • Heather

    I’m recently a new follower of your Woodland Bakery Blog, but I have to say being a home based baker and wilton student your YouTube videos and now that I am following your blog & Facebook have been a lifesaver many many times. I haven’t gotten to look at every single item in your blog, but I was wondering if you have a Q&A page and if you do not will you be adding one.. Which leads to my question… :) the Swiss buttercream recipe you have listed here is that the one you normally use in your bakery for buttercream cakes, like on your vanilla birthday cake. It’s such a beautiful texture and looks heavenly I cannot wait to make it this weekend for my finals cake in my wilton course class. I’m trying to find other great recipes since I’ve been using Wilton’s and don’t care for a lot of them, I’m glad I needed a life saver and found your YouTube channel. Thank you so much for being so open with your recipes and techniques. I someday hope to own my own bakery as well. Hopefully I will get a chance to spend sometime in NJ and visit your wonderful bakery! Thanks again!

  • Yuka

    Hi Gretchen,
    I have sent you a mail earlier hat I cannot confirm my mail– I was just able to do so! Thank you. Was watching sponge cake video– is there any reason why you use all purpose flour not cake flour?
    A few questions..

    1. How do you divide the batter into tow exactly?

    2. Live in Tokyo and we do not have all purpose flour like you do in US. (We have two different grades of cake flour and bread flour) When substitute with cake flour , what is the ratio? For instance for your famously sponge cake, it is 260 g of ap flour same for cake flour?

    Another one is when you heat up butter and milk in microwave for the sponge cake, how warm do you make them?


    • Gretchen Price

      You can sub in Cake Flour in same quantity.
      The butter in the milk will be melted, then you know it is hot enough
      Not sure about #1 question?

      • Yuka

        Hi Gretchen, thank you for answering my question. #1 question — sorry for not being clear, I normally use two 8 inch round baking pans t make four layered cake. Ho do you divide cake batter into two exactly? I have been using measuring cups, weighing
        so i know my two pans weigh exactly the same. I see your video and of course you can do that with your eyes closed! Just wondering if there is any trick.
        Bought your two e-books. They are great!

        Just saw your Swiss buttercream. Will give it a shot tomorrow! How do you adjust its
        Consistency? Can you pipe roses?

        Thank you again.
        Looking forward to hearing back from you.

        • Yuka

          Hi Gretchen–just wanted to clarify my question on your buttercream. Adjusting consistency for different purposes– I.e. lettering, making flowers etc, icing cakes,
          How do you do that with swiss butter cream? Or simply, no need for that?

          Thanks again!


          • Gretchen Price

            You may use all shortening for a stiffer piping icing

        • Gretchen Price

          AS for the cake pans, I just divide it into half as best as possible, no need to get perfectionist there.
          The buttercream is great for piping and roses, but some have trouble if they cannot find shortening, be sire to read the WHOLE post it answers a lot of questions you may have

          Thanks for buying the EBOOKS!! Thank you Thank you!

          • Yuka

            Thank you again for answering my questions. Tried the buttercream and it was DIVINE! And I was able to make roses. So thank you. I also want to thank you for taking all your time for this blogs and answering questions, videos, on top of everything else you do. You have a beautiful smile always, I enjoy your conversations with your super videographer (thank you, too) I am usually smiling all the way when watching your video tutorials. I am so fortunate to able to learn and actually able to SEE what you do and how you do! Thank you!!!!

  • Yuka

    Hi! I have sent you a mail earlier hat I cannot confirm my mail– I was just able to do so! Thank you. Have two questions. Was watching sponge cake video– is there any reason why you use all purpose flour not cake flour? Also how do you divide the batter into tow exactly?
    Love your tutorial videos. You are great!

  • Daphne

    Glad I have found you here, Gretchen. I was devastated when I could not find you crumb boss videos on youtube nor your usual crumb boss site. I hope you will repeat the recipes and videos here. You are one great inspiration!

  • Beth

    Hi Gretchen,i love baking and decorating cakes .I would really like to do it as a profession.
    I have never taken any classes,I must say i am self taught through youtube and people like you.I am very grateful for your videos.
    I would appreciate any sort of advice you may have for a beginner.
    Thank you.

    • Gretchen Price


  • http://cscakedesigns.com Cj

    Hi again Gretchen,
    I just wanted to send you another thank you from Virginia! I’ve made another recipe (trying to turn my “pretty” decorated cakes into better quality tasting cakes) and once again you rocked it! Your strawberry buttercream has been VERY popular with anyone who’s tried it, and you gave me a brownie recipe on fb to try as a cupcake and it was fabulous as the top tier of a wedding cake where the Groom only eats brownies! You are a baking angel and bless me greatly, thanks for going the extra mile and working so very hard for us all!

    • Gretchen Price

      EXCELLENT! I am glad you made the brownie cake and LIKED IT!

  • Jane

    Hi Gretchen, I’m a newbie, just found you. I grew up in Baltimore and have fond memories of a few staples from our nearby bakery. Baltimore Peach Cake, Schmear Cake and a Custard Crumb Bun (my very favorite). The schmear cake was similar to cheesecake. The crumb bun was also available filled with various fruits. Do you have anything similar. In Texas we have Kolaches, but they are not the same.

    • Gretchen Price

      Excellent memories! I am glad I helped to spark them!
      I DO have a fruit filled crumb bun, I have not shared that recipe though! It is my SIGNATURE at my bakery, so I may NOT share! But I DO ship them to Texas! Call the bakery to order!

  • Wendy

    Hi Gretchen,
    I usually make italian meringue buttercream but have trouble when I try to get vibrant colors like a christmas green or red or royal blue. No matter how much color (I use the AmeriColor gels) I can’t seem to get the deep colors. Is it even possible since there is so much butter in the icing?

    • Gretchen Price

      Yes can be a problem, have you tried an oil based color?

  • Ginny

    Great your having a renovation done. I hope it goes well and that the is air condition added to list so theirs no more melting…:)

    • Gretchen Price

      Thanks, I wish …that’s a DREAM list not a reality list. Need to win the lottery for anything like that to happen :(

  • Lara

    So glad I found you!!!

    Your website and videos are totally amazing… I now am an official Woodie and pleased to say that you are my 8 YO daughter and I new best friend!! Having a blast watching your videos, from which she “ordered” her birthday cake!!

    Thanks a LOT for sharing so much knowledge (and decadent flavours…)!!

    Big canadian hugs!

  • Ginny

    found this site because I was curious about cake decorating little did I know that you would help me getting into baking in a new way! Just bought the book and it looks awesome! Will be sure to give the recipes a try..have done the vanilla cake and snicker doodles already. thanks for coming back and doing these informative and FUN video! :D …all my hopes ginny from Ontario Canada

  • Chris

    Hi Gretchen,
    I’m so thankful you decided to continue on with teaching and sharing when the whole CB thing ended. You are doing an AWESOME job!! Along with running a business you are clearly working your butt off re-shooting and blogging the recipes you’d already done. I want you to know the hard work and time you are putting in is very much appreciated, your recipes are truly the BEST. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU :-)

    • Gretchen Price

      BEST MESSSAGE!! Thank you for this, it means so much when someone notices!! I DO love what I am doing, don’t get me wrong, but its so nice when someone acknowledges my efforts this way!

  • Jess

    hi gretchen… how do i become an ” insider”?

    • Gretchen Price

      sign up with your email here on the front page, right hand column

      • Jess


  • Barbara

    Hi Gretchen,

    From all the ladies in my office in Dallas TX – “Thank you for the wonderful recipes AND videos!!!!!”

    Now we have a challenge for you. We are trying to find a recipe for Traditional Almond Wedding Cake like the one that our co-worker gets at Haydel’s Bakery in New Orleans. The texture is kind of like an angel food cake with intense almond flavoring. Very light and fluffy too.

    Can you help us Texas girls out and come up with a recipe for this? thanks!!!!

    • Gretchen Price

      HI Barbara, with out tasting it, it would be hard to re invent it.
      What about a frangipane? Although you say it is light like angel food, and frangipane is not.
      Perhaps use my golden vanilla butter cake and replace the cream cheese with almond paste?

  • jessell

    Hello! I am new here, also starting cake decorating its something i love to do. I have seen your videos and they are great! Thank you for the information you provide! I have a question my daughter wants a cake based on the vampire diaries she wants black fondant on the cake and wants the vampire diaries logo on it i am not very good at piping on the cake and she wants the logo to look exactly. Could I do butter cream transfer on top the fondant. I am new at butter cream transfers. Any suggestions?

  • Lauri

    I’m looking for your video on how to make your cheesecake on a stick. Do you still have that video? can you give me the recipe for the cheesecake and ganache? How many slices does one cheesecake make? Thanks for your help!

  • Chuck Reed

    You make it all look easy, I have just finished my first cake the Rainbow Cake. I am covering it with fondant . What can you do with the scrape cake. Would mixing with Buttercream and rolling in to balls work.

  • Lavettec

    Love Crumb Boss/Woodland Bakery and her recipes!!! However where can I find the pink champagne cupcakes? They turned out so good and its time for another batch!

    • Gretchen Price

      Hello, I guess you are just finding out the changes that took place many months ago, CrumbBoss is no longer, but Woodland Bakery has not changed, and Gretchen (ME) I am still here with the same recipes, same great instructions, just with a different person holding the camera. Actually i want to say it is all BETTER THAN EVER!
      I hope you will stay and follow me as I try my very best and faster way possible to get all the old recipes back up and refilmed while still adding in new recipes and videos every Thursday! SO far in just 3 months I have tackled 100+ videos! I am going as fast as humanly possible! Thanks for finding me here!

  • Shelley

    Hi Gretchen! Just a fast question which I hope you have not answered already someplace else on your sites, trying not to be redundant with the questions for others….
    Do you ALWAYS use REAL egg whites separated from the yolks or have you successfully used pasteurized liquid egg whites for any of your recipes?
    Thanks so much, your recipes are just AWESOME!!

    • Gretchen Price

      I interchange all the time in my recipes, some pastruerized egg products have other things in them like stabilers and I have had trouble at times with the swiss meringue whipping properly, but you just have to whip it almost double time. But no troubles to interchange

  • Robin

    Hi Gretchen,
    I’m trying your rainbow cake and I wanted to know if I can freeze the finished cake? How long can I keep it in the refrigerator?

    Thanks, Robin.

    • Gretchen Price

      yes you can freeze it, the length of time in the refrigerator will depend on how quickly it will go stale, if you filland ice with buttercream it will not go bad as fast as it will go stale

      • Robin

        Hi Gretchen,

        I made your rainbow cake with the buttercream frosting…still getting great comments about the beautiful colors…light buttercream frosting…tastiest cake they ever ate.

        Will be trying more of your recipes, and using your great videos on how to do the pastries. I know they’ll always taste great.

        Much Aloha, Robin.

  • Amy Stiner


    Is your new cookbook available in HARD COPY? I don’t want to have to print off 150 pages (color) and I like to have the book in front of me when baking.


    • Gretchen Price

      No I have not taken it to a publisher, I can dream though…..

    • http://N/A Carol

      Why not burn it onto a e.g. DVD disc as it holds more…

  • Sheeba

    Thank you and eagerly waiting for ur video

  • Sheeba

    Hi gretchen
    I would like to know whether your foundant pour is the other name for mirror glaze? Can u please show how to do mirror glaze and apart from chocolate ganache can mirror glaze be done using other ingredients.

    • Gretchen Price

      no mirror glaze is different, I will note it for future videos, good idea.

  • Labraysha

    Hi, I used your recipe for the butter cake and tried to follow the video. When the cake was finished baking i took it out and it was perfect! Well, until i left it in the pan for 10 minutes and then moved it to a cooling rack. Upon cooling, the outside of the cake, near the center where i would have cut in half sunk in, looking as if i had sqeezed my cakes where i would cut to make layers. What would cause this?? Help! Otherwise it tasted great!! :)

    • Gretchen Price

      perhaps over beating?

  • Sheena

    Hi Gretchen!

    I baked your chocolate cake recipe again and this time I got it right. (I guess practice makes perfect..lol)
    I plan to make your red velvet brownie but I have a question is it ok to bake it in a 12x18x3 inch pan? Would there be some changes that i have to make? I bought the fat daddio’s pan but unfortunately they are out of stock for the 12x18x2 inch pan.
    Thanks again :D

    • Gretchen Price

      the 3″ will make no diffrerence here

      • Sheena

        Thank you so much :)

        God Bless and more power…

  • Vee

    Thank you for all your help and wonderful recipes. I am looking for your recipe for petite fours. Please. I thought you had it on your site.

    • Gretchen Price

      Im trying to get it all refilmed and re blogged, 500 videos was alot, and I am trying as fast as I can. I plan to do everything

  • Peggie Z

    Hi Gretchen, I’m glad you’ve moved on from Crumb Boss. I really am glad I printed all of the recipes I made…my niece and I made your German Chocolate Cake and it was a great success. Keep up the good work. (PS I DON’T miss Stehp)
    I’m staying tuned…

  • keith rowe

    Hi Gretchen! Just a further comment to the brownies- I thought I messed up with the brownies that they were coming out much taller than yours but as you explained in your video I was using standard 9×13 pan so was happy with that next time I’ll use bigger pan to get same result other than that VERY PLEASED!!! Would u ever think of doing Key Lime Pie? Haven’t had a good one in years when I visited Miami:) Your Canadian Friend, Keith G. Rowe

    • Gretchen Price

      Thanks for the comment, and Yes I plan to refilm all the videos/recipes////have 100 done so far in just 10 weeks..