About Gretchen Price

gretchen_priceHey Guys! Welcome to my wonderful world of cake and all things sweet!

I am a Culinary Institute of America graduate (1997) with 20+ years experience in the professional bakery industry.  10 of those most recent years were spent as the owner of Woodland Bakery in Chatham NJ.

My passion (next to baking amazing desserts) is to teach you how to make and bake professional style bakery cakes and pastries right in your own home while learning THE SCIENCE of why it is all happening, and sometimes NOT HAPPENING!  Yikes! LOL

I share all the secret tips and tricks that many of those other chefs prefer to conveniently leave out of their recipes which leave you wondering, “Whatever have I done wrong?”

Wonder No More! I am active daily on Facebook and of course right here everyday too! I personally answer every single one of your questions and help guide you through to fabulous pastry perfection!
Not to mention I seem to have the BEST recipes on the internet!

Stick around! This ride is going to be SWEET!

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